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Today, I found that the love of my life is 3.5 inches, fully erect. My cell phone is bigger than that. FML
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Am I the only person that feels worse for the guy then the OP?

if its true love than it shouldnt matter if his erection ia 3.5 or 10 in!! haha


That sucks but it isn't the end of the world. at least if he asks you to deep throat in a BJ it will be easy.:)

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well if you truly love least you guys are "closer to each other" than most other couples!

this doesn't make her a ****. granted this shouldn't be the most important thing in the world to her, but I think she has the right to be a little disappointed. I bet you're a virgin or still like 14 and scared of sex and cooties.

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well set it on vibrate, shove the phone in your vag and call it if your not happy with him :P

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Yes but women get judged on their breast size all the time. Why do you think there are push up bras?

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rldostie 19

Please, people. You want to judge her and act like love is suppose to make everything a-ok. But sex is a very important part of a relationship--sometimes more so for others. She has every right to be upset. Being disappointed doesn't define her, but what she does with that disappointment. If she breaks up with him then yeah, she probably didn't love him enough. But she didn't say she's going to do that. I feel for you, OP. I would invest in some toys you guys can play with together, that might help. And ask for a lot of foreplay. Sometimes you can work with this kind of thing.

I agree with 201 and 240 at the same time, because sex makes a relationship stronger, more so if it's good. so it'll be more difficult to be pleased if he's that small, OP I suggest y'all look up ways for your body to be satisfied with his size, I've seen some websites about how to make sex better if you have a small penis.

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Everything small is just a small version of something thats big, I understand everything!

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I'm pretty sure you'll be fine.. some people gotta start from something small to bigger.. or maybe ya should consider taking it from the bum bum??

Girls with small breasts need push-up bras. Guys with small penises should need push-up penis slings.

No^ And it's not the size that counts, it's how you use it.

even a small dagger is deadly in the hands of a well trained ninja

you're an idiot, it's not like she gave his name, no one will know who posted this.... unless you're concerned it's you.

not shallow either? love of her life and just saw his penis? she found someone she loved, not looks or penis, but if I had a perfect girl then her pussy was so loose it was almost useless (3.5 inch penis?) i'de be rattled too

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201 I couldn't agree more. OP if this is your so called "Love of Your Life" then that shouldn't matter. I wish I had his # to tell him what a jerk you are.

I don't know why people are all "She must not love him if she cares about his dick size." It's not true. Guys judge women for being skinny, having big boobs, a nice ass, and a pretty face all day long, everyday. OP is allowed to voice disappointment that her chosen love isn't what she expected. After all, this is an FML because she's staying with him and is obviously trying to make it work, but let's face facts. It's not impossible to be satisfied with a small penis, but it's definitely more difficult. If she were really judging her love based on his penis, how would this be an FML? She would've just left him. But she didn't say that's what happened. OP isn't shallow, she's human. Some of you are just being self-righteous jerks.

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if he's the love of your life then it shouldn't matter you dumb selfish bitch!

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418 yeah she has the right to be a little upset, but if she really loves him she can make it work. obviously it was really really wrong for her to post that on the Internet and I think that was stupid beyond belief, but by putting it on the Internet it makes it seem to most people like she is really upset and not willing to make an attempt at getting it to work. everybodies opinion that I have seen can be backed up.

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put ur phone on vibrate and have him call you so that way he is still techniquely pleasuring you

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my dick big as a brige, ur dick look like a little kids.

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433- i love how you can say that when YOU DONT KNOW THEM!! So shut your f'in mouth if your gonna call people ****** that you dont know. Thats like me saying you have a smaller penis that this guy, but thats probably true. So hmm how do you like it?

Why is that an FML? Why the **** would your life be ****** if he had a 3.5in penis? If he was the love of your life then you shouldn't care.

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BAHA wow .. hes better off just fingering you .. if hes amazingly hot then mayb u should deal with it , but i mean .. a 3.5 inch penis? wow

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don't measure love by inches measure it by centimeters

theten_fml 9

237, do you mean "definately swallow though?"

@247 how did you run into such sites lol

aw poor u, well i agree that bj is going to be easier:)

op it's okay since you're about that shallow

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quality not quantity, sweetheart!

How is it a problem that she posted this on the internet? Is there any identifying information, at all? There's no way for anyone besides a hacker (and even then, I'd say it's dubious) to find out who this woman and her partner are. Posting anonymously on the internet does not affect the man at all. It's hardly insensitive for her to do something that allows her to vent without hurting anyone or drawing any attention to him. OP, I feel for you. It can be difficult to work with a smaller-than-average partner, but if you really love him, you can make it work. And if he really loves you, he'll be willing to do things other than intercourse to please you if it turns out he cannot please you with intercourse. Good luck.

or really hard to get it to the throat :p

I don't understand how u can be that small I mean I'm 14 and I'm 7 i mean c'mon but then again it could be genetic so u shouldnt really judge

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I know some people find sex to be an important part of a relationship, but it's not. Just because you're in love with someone, doesn't mean you have to have sex with them. It's the same the other way around too. Just because you have sex with someone, doesn't mean you're in love with them. The size of his penis may be small, but it's not the end of the world. If he truly is the love of your life, then you'll look past that as sex isn't a real important part of a relationship. Believe it or not, it's actually possible to have a relationship without sex! O.o Surprising? Sex is something that is supposed to happen with someone you love enough to marry. Not just some random thing that you do. So, sorry OP, but if you care that much about it that you think it's an FML, then YDI.

I am 14 - almost all of my friends are - and only about half of them are virgins. so in this generation you should probably be saying if your about 9 and afraid of sex.

finally a smart girl among the millions!

Wow that's so stupid. And a bitch thing to say. If you loved him you wouldnt care...bitch

WickedClownMCL 1

The ones saying wow ur a **** or a bitch for saying this... Directed to you Shut up okay? She didnt say his name, age or any personaly business but his dick size. Yea it shouldnt be on the Internet but still, she didnt say his name or anything. Oh an the 19 year old person thats supposedly not a virgin. I bet you are. I bet your only like 10, and i bet you still have a bed time. So do us all a favor, shut the **** up, give ur daddies phone back, and stop using words that u pick up in the bathroom at your school that you dont even know what it means.

Time to turn your phone on vibrate ;)

Yes it does. She is complaining about the size of her partner's penis. If that is a problem she doesn't love them or is such a **** that she has no traction and needs huge ones to get off. Don't even try to defend someone who thinks it matters, or clearly you have no idea what love really is.

But what if they are married, and had waited until after marriage to have sex? You never know

OMG!!! i know it's somewhat random but #3's image has the due date of my brother's birthday! hehe, cool! :)

does anyone else wonder what 406 is talking about?

476 is probably talking about my picture with my ultrasound cuz the baby is due June 18th the same day as his or her brothers b-day

Everyone thumbing down Win comments need to get a life. Also, they're all jealous because i said it before them

She had to. Otherwise she wouldn't know if he was poking her or ****** her

Michael Jackson once had a similar experience. He figured he'd just wait till the kid hit puberty though.

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don't judge him! he was born that way he can't change it.

KatherineAnne 7

Not aww! Makes for better ********. When u have over twice that like my love, it sucks :p :(

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i agree with 74 just because his penis is small doesn't mean you have to break up with him.

uchow10 3

is sex so important? I guess just being with the love of your life isn't enough =(

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the ppl who agree wit 74 all have smaller then that clearly

avatar0810 15

you see prime example of what people describe as shallow, mean, sluttly, and a waste of good air. your comment was just a waste of good wifi service.

iiNfAMoUs_KiiD 3

yes, sex is healthy in a relationship

Or pay for an "extension," ifyaknowaddamean.

don't listen to people. they're just retarded and feel like they have to make fun of something someone says. even though you were just showing that actually loving the person is more important than his dick.

if its true love than it shouldnt matter if his erection ia 3.5 or 10 in!! haha

Aren't you forgetting initial clearance required to actually get it in? He might lose another .5 - 1 inch on that alone, so really... he is in bad shape, lol.

MrsLender_fml 3

I just can't believe people can be that tiny. I thought the average size was like six inches! 3.5 is just a midget penis!

kss_ga_champ5408 1

if 6 is average that means some are below and some above.

deafeningsilence 8

100, that's what average means..

MrsxBillxKaulitz 5

my ex boyfriend was 2 inches. it was hysterical. my boyfriend now has a decent like, 7 3/4 inch. :)

RebornProblem 0

How do you know what she deserves? From here it sounds like she is a bitch.

apparently you need a min of 2 inches to be able to bring a woman to ******. Some also need plenty of stimulation to take even an average size

sourgirl101 28

111, it's funny how you didn't want to round up to the next number. 3/4 of an inch, you say? Sounds like you keep a ruler around.(:

Just googled imaged micro penis :( nightmares

I agree 212.... my ex had this guy who was three inches... they worked with it and found a position that could bring her to climax.... he's obviously not the love of your life if u really care about his Dick size...

poptartss 0

I'm SOO sorry that the biggest issue in your life is the fact that the "love of your life" has a small penis. Seriously, if this is the only thing you have to complain about in your life.. that's pathetic. I bet that guy is totally awesome and doesn't deserve to be stuck with a stupid, shallow ***** such as yourself. Way to shame your man all over the internet. Bitch.

amberita28 0

& guys don't make girls self conscious when all they talk about is ass & *******? Don't get sensitive when the tables turn..

106 that was kinda the point they were making, if guys have a 10" some will prob have a 3.5". still sucks for OP

tlbmama 0

how do you know what size a midgets peen is??

MrsxBillxKaulitz 5

he told me. XD But I would measure with a ruler if he asked. :p

MrsxBillxKaulitz 5

still, that is pretty sad, even tho it's not his fault. 6th-11th grades shood be frum 3-4pm. the rest shood be at LEAST 5in, but, like I sed, not his fault

TripOnShoelaces 0

Thickness brings more pleasure than length. It's comparable to ******* either a soda can, to a twizzler. Soda can wins.

AlwaySunny 0

ha 5, it may not matter but it sure does help! ;)

SaniK 17

Yea but even if you had a small chest and butt there would still be a guy that would be attracted to you where as guys with small members are cursed for life. this post proves it, she said "love of her life "and still complains about his size! It's a double standard, also I don't care for big t&A myself

hahahhahahahahhahaha, im bigger and im 13 /:

samadams42 0

mines 5.5" erect but I'm only 15 lol

MyNameIsBruce 0

Ok guys, this is a site for girls too, let's stop talkin about the size of our erect penis, haha

awww guys dont judge a guy on the size of his knob

83 I wouldn't get too excited bud it probably ain't gonna get much bigger lol.

Mine isn't that big, but only 4 year olds are smaller than him :P

w0rsh1psk8r 0

thats tiny... try 8.5 and im 15

haha 84 im a girl but I kinda find it hilarious. at least they feel comfortable about their dick size lmao

cptmorgan15 2

Ya 171, except for the fact that most of these kids are lying.

Chances are that all these kids are lying. Funny to see what they will do to get accepted by an online community.

I will only accept them if they can wrap it around their leg. twice.

dudeitsdanny 9

Well, I'm 20 and I have a python in my pants! No, really, I do D; Can someone get it out? I'm scared of snakes D; But only tiny, barely pubescent virgins talk about their penis size online.. And they all lie about it. It's sad really. Maybe when it actually becomes an outtie, as opposed to an innie, you'll stop bragging about made up lengths.

Look kids, mine used to serve as a column support for the Greek Parthenon. Now it plays nightly in a big brass band.

306 shut up u proably have like a .5 incher and r jealous of everyone else

my ex was bigger than op's bf and i would know cause i blew him.

wow.. lots if wanna be 13-14 yr olds haha

staceysgenesis16 0

sounds like all the 13-15 year olds have the same size or bigger penis than my ex.. whos 17.. -_- but then again the majority of these kids are lying.. hahaha

What's wrong with uncircumcised? NOTHING! It's the natural ****** way the penis should be. Besides, it makes sex better.

staceysgenesis16 0

wow .. that shirt .. is amazing .. LMAO

Hey guess what guys mine Is 89 meteres ha beat that na just a joke seriously keep ur dick sizes to yourselves.

Schlimpikins 0

You kids are dumb, you're supposed to exaggerate about how small it is, not how big, because if you exaggerate about how big it is, when she finally sees it, she'll be like... "wow, its not quite as big as you said", but if you exaggerate about how small it is... "wow, its a lot bigger than you said it was!". But seriously, mine is a nuclear powered, sub aquatic, war machine.

606- well then their gonna be disappointed when it's not an actual war machine and just a regular penis

Well 306 why aren't u sharing Jks u are conpletely right.

nomnom_muffins 0

306 you made me laugh so hard, which I rarely do on the interwebs these days.

prepubescent little boys need to learn that the only size that matters, is that of your brain. I've given every girl I've been with an ****** before even taking my unit out. and when it is out? we have to make sure people aren't within a 15 yard radius. just cuz you lie about having a big one, doesn't mean you'll ever know how to use it. oh. and I'm not that big... brain over brawn. any day.

ShadyFTW1 0

Haha 388 is such a little bitch... and it's hilarious when little boys think they can talk about size when they've never even gotten theirs wet.

zourwolfe 0

have fun with that ^_^ lol but if you love him it shouldn't matter though...

I've read already five comments of 'if you love him, it shouldn't matter' and I really don't get why you all are so damn ignorant. Hello guys, sex IS important in a good relationship, so yes, if OP thinks her sex life is screwed, it does matter. There are sex toys, there is oral sex, I know I know, but if those can't satisfy OP, she is (onfortunately not literally) ******. No matter how much I love someone, a bad sex life would ruin everything.

to which I say you've never truely loved someone... once that happens, you'll understand. I get where you're coming from, and I do agree that a good sex life is important in a relationship. just not so much for love.

who the **** are you to say they've never loved someone? not everyone experiences love in the same way, especially not in such a bullshit way.

...I'm in a great relationship for over three years, don't you dare say that I know nothing about love. I love my boyfriend, but I also love sex. I am honest enough to say that, for me, every day without good sex is a bad day. Bad days make me down. If my relationship only consists of bad days, it will make me depressed, which will make my boyfriend depressed, which will make it a sad relationship. I'm not saying that this will be the case for OP, it would be great for her and the love of her life if she can deal with it in a proper way. I just wanted to point out that some people, no matter how much they love eachother, cannot deal with it.

thumbsup4121 0

wow all that's really shallow bad sex makes you depressed you know nothing about love I doubt you even love your bf

Humans are sexual beings by nature—sex is something that most people need to feel complete. If the sex isn't "working" (or not even happening at all), it does bring up the question whether or not the relationship is worth continuing. I'm not saying just because someone has less-than-average genitals that you should break up with them, but it is something to think about. Wouldn't you want to love someone would makes you feel full and complete both emotionally AND sexually? It's really the OP's decision, so I can't push her into choosing.

I'm the same way. Think about it this way... you can find many new loves, there is no one true person for you. But if you settle down, you're going to go 60+ years for the rest of your life having bad sex with a tiny penis (or any other things that bother you). If you try to put up with it at the start, but it already bothers you, it's just going to get worse and worse until you truly loathe that person and it all started because of bad sex. When I was younger, I used to say size didn't matter. Now I'm older, and after having slept with average guys, large guys, and unfortunate tiny guys (did you know they make half-size condoms for micropenis? It's really very sad)... I've come to the conclusion that it does matter. At least, for me. Maybe there are girls out there who would accept tiny penis and all. But I would not expect any other human to stay with me if I was lacking.

cptmorgan15 2

So what you're saying, Djeepee, is that no matter how well your day is going, if you don't have good sex, it ruins the whole day? That sounds like a terrible relationship. Don't get me wrong, sex is important and all, but yours sounds like it is based around sex.

If my BF and I left the bedroom after he went down on me to ****** (inserting zero inches, like you state) I would be very unhappy. As I suspect many people would be.

Cptmorgan, let's say it this way: every day when I see my boyfriend (that makes 4 days in a normal week and 7 in the vacation), I need to have good sex or my day is merely ruined. This can irritate my boyfriend and I assure you we have talked a lot about it, but I absolutely have to finish the day with sex, or I'm going to freak out. Let's blame my autism. But it doesn't make the relationship terrible, there are plenty of hours left where we can do other things, like gaming, shopping, watch a movie, have small or serious talks, walk in the park... It's not because I have a more than average sexdrive (not even that more, the average here is 4 times a week), that my relationship is bad.

loveofyourlife11 0

that's exactly what I was thinking cptmorgan. the size really shouldn't matter, as long as they know how to work it. maybe some of you just had a bad experience. or maybe you really just didn't like it. it shouldn't matter the size though.

Who said a large penis = good sex? As they always say, it's not the size that matters, it's how you use it.

It does make a difference if you can't even feel if it's in yet, darling. 93. Amen!

loveofyourlife11 0

seachicken. she never said she couldn't feel it going in. I'm sure if he moves the right way, he can hit the right spot to make her enjoy the sex. size isn't an issue. he is long enough to penetrate the g-spot, so I don't think she should worry about it. they need to communicate and tell each other how certain things feel. and once they got it down to where they both enjoy it, then they will be happy and have great sex. as long as he can use it and make her ******, there should be no problem at all. if she is that worried about size, she doesn't truly love him.

ReynshineCutting 10

Yes sex is a crucial element in a relationship, but if you're with your soul mate (not just a love) then even if it sucks or you have issues you'll stay together and try to work through them. Once you get married, you can't be like "well the sex sucks, I want a divorce" so that you can find someone else you love who is better. TRUE love doesn't work that way. The "I'm in love with you buy don't want or plan to marry you" may not, but if you truly deeply love someone you work it out. This is one reason the divorce rate is so high in America. People want what they want, they aren't willing to make sacrifices, and they aren't willing to work it out.

I'm sorry, but I have to do a little edjamacationing here. The g-spot doesn't really do a whole lot in most women. It's a big weird fantasy thing that everyone thinks they can magically hit and a woman will have an ******. In fact, truth be told... there are nerve endings everywhere inside the entire ******. All of which are pleasant to stroke. And the more nerve endings you can hit, touch, and stroke, at the same time, the more pleasure you get. So, the "3.5inches is all you need to hit the gspot" only works for 30% of women or less who actually enjoy and CAN have a g-spot induced ******. For the rest of us, we're left wondering when the real party is going to start. For guys reading this who can't really understand from our POV: Go jack off with a loose fist, and then jack off with a tight fist. Which one feels better? It's not rocket science. Men don't like loose girls and women don't like tiny men. You may love the person who owns a giant ****** or a tiny penis, but it doesn't change the fact that a tiny penis or a giant ****** is not conducive to great sex. And in some people, good or great sex is important to them. Think about the next 60 years of your life. It's your decision, it's your life.

but it says nothing about BAD sex. It just says he has a tiny dick. Personally, I have probably double that and then some, but even I can admit that girls don't normally climax from penetration, its gotta be the right angle after some good foreplay for that. I can always get a girl there from some quick work with the tongue though, so I work her off and then I go to work for my own benefits. Even if he's 3'' I think he could still do that, so I do think she's being shallow and stupid. Its just odd for a girl to say the 'love of her life' and then complain about his dick, just goes to show you that no matter what they say, girls dont order their priorities as they claim to

lbf_fml 0

288, I couldn't agree more. well said.

ReynshineCutting 10
FajitaFreak 3

No, it wouldn't. Sex is a factor, but I simply want someone to be there and be close with and care for. Sex is far from the most important thing. Besides that, toys are so innovative these days that any girl that can't be satisfied by them will not be satisfied from a simple penis.

Y'all still on this? Why can't we just agree that the importance of sex varies by person? I mean, this conclusion can be reached simply by reading this thread.

True, it's obvious from this entire page that the importance of sex differs vastly from person to person. IMO with so many good men out there, if you're not 100% satisfied with the one you're with, there will be another. You're not stuck with one love your entire lifetime. Don't ever, ever settle. You're worth more than that!

contedefees 11

221: I would have to disagree that most women would be disappointed with sex session just involving oral sex with no penetration. Many women don't ****** during sex, quite a few just aim for orgasming during foreplay, which may include oral sex. Which is a pleasant experience, obviously, so why be disappointed? Obviously, I would argue that if every session ended with that, aka no penetration ever, yeah that would be a problem. But I doubt "many" people would be disappointed with doing that once in a while. My boyfriend and I routinely switch things up so that not every sex session involves penetration, it keeps things interesting and allows us to learn more about each other.

lmfao should have checked before you fell in love ;) but how did you find out? did you like sit there and measure it???

ImaWiseGuy 5

haha two things bother me about this.....1st) you shoulda checked the hardware before you fell in love with him if it that's an issue for you.....2nd) if my meat was that small I wouldn't even let Jessica Alba measure tha shit......