By littleguy - 20/08/2009 15:55 - United States

Today, an extremely attractive woman from FedEx came to deliver my new phone. I was wearing athletic shorts and had an erection. She looked down and laughed. FML
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You should have shown her your package.


who answers the door with their wang stickin out

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I think you should count yourself lucky that the woman has a sense of humor. She could have been offended and slapped you or something.

how can you know her based on the adjective "attractive" and that she works at Fed ex?

That's why you fix yourself before you answer the door.

He did IMO.. OP - Attempt Witt... perfect opportunity

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You should have shown her your package.

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I don't think that's really an FML. Who cares? Most people would laugh just because it's unexpected and awkward, that doesn't mean it's small or anything...

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exactly. Who's to say it was because of the size? Most women have the decency not to laugh at a stranger for his "size." Maybe they'd giggle when they get back in the car, but.... who cares? Anyway, I'm almost 100% positive that she laughed because it was an awkward/unexpected situation. Who knows - maybe she has the same thought pattern as #20 and saw the irony of the situation. xD Either way, I'm honestly getting sick of the "I assume she meant that my penis is small, woe-as-me" comments from the guys, and the "My boyfriend must have been serious about that comment and he thinks I'm fat and ugly, boo hoo" comments from the girls. Let us all get over ourselves, k?

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Excuse me if I am wrong, but OP's user is little guy.... just saying c;

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OP, you should have just whipped it out.