By Anonymous - 07/12/2010 18:32 - United States

Today, I sent a picture to my girlfriend of my erect penis with a quote saying "It's waiting for you." She responded with a picture of her left hand showing her left ring finger with a quote saying "It's waiting for you too." FML
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ysomad 0

wow you're a loser

win for her!


ysomad 0

wow you're a loser

yeah. and win for the GF. you need to listen to single ladies.

lmao!! it's a trap run!

KingDingALing 9

Like I've always said, "When in doubt, whip it out."

that's rely rely funny

Ahaha! ha.. haha.. heh, um what am I supposed to be laughing at D:

Bees_fml 0

"If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it." But what if the finger's not the part that I like?

generalasskicker 12


lmao I honestly agree with her... if you can't pop the question she shouldn't have to help you pop it up ;D Kay that was a bad one but my pint was made :$

Ugh... guess I misinterpreted the FML here. I thought she was comparing the size of his dick to the size of her ring finger.

Well I always say sex can wait, masturbate and if not, don't be a fool, wrap your tool anyways.

whata kill joy

marry her then... she is happy u r happy, not the best fml

WhiiT3TiGeR 0

160, I thought that aswell.

Put a nuva ring in it ;-). Two birds with one stone.

I'm sorry but your picture disturbed me for life -shivers- I still don't even know what it is lol

29) Rely? Is it rely funny? What are you? 12??

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#255: Don't insult 12-year-olds xD

Get over yourself

goodlike_fml 0


If you like then you should put a ring on.

how is this an FML? this is fucking stupid

Yeah!!! Op, I think your GF just proposed to you!

If you think your life sucks after such an invitation to propose then I feel sorry for you - and for her too.

win for her!

StitchMeUp_fml 0

exactly! >.<

like a boss haha

She was going to shove it up your ass?


how did you come to that conclusion?

agreed, someone is obviously too young to understand! Lol

-_- i'm pretty sure that was sarcasm, people...

No shit it was sarcasm.

roketkween 0

looks like you would enjoy that wouldn't you

Who is too young to understand what the ring finger is, but old enough to know that some people enjoy sticking their fingers inside other people's anuses?

xkittykatx 0

She wanted a ring!

I clicked your picture... :o

Can you say DIVORCE?

No I have a lithp. Thankth a lot! *runs away crying*

Haha 31 -WIN

XD Lisp! Nice one! XD

oh wow are people now getting divorced before they get married these days? I hate when people say divorce to minor things in general. At least try to work to problems go to therapy etc before "we grew apart - divorce" or "he/she works too much - divorce" I know though certain things like he's having sex with other men/women or he abuses me should be divorce. but uhh who cares why am I talking I've never been close to marriage.

exactly! can it!

I'd marry you, if i didn't get married already, but maybe she will abuse me, than it's splitsville!

uhh I don't think they're married... so idk what this comment means.

he is saying it like he has a lisp fucknuts eat shit shirlock

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NeonBubblez 6

Actually, she meant to put a ring on it, Dumbass.

kiara16 0

Wow, u must be a douche. This is like the third comment I've disliked of yours...smh

Obviously, they're not married yet. -_________-;

smiley1014 23

Wow you have a funny girlfriend! She also probably wasn't impressed with what you sent her!

she was impressed that same night after I put a ring on it. i did it that same day

ok "OP".... but hey! if it makes you feel special pretending that your FML actually made it on the site, whatever.

tundraman07 0

instant win!!!!!!

that sucks bro, she's going to toss your salad.

smiley1014 23

It could have been worse. She could have shown her friends and told them "Hey look, it's like a penis...only smaller!

Worse than that "hey look it's like your penis-only bigger!"

twilightfreak779 0

win for her!!