By husks - 12/04/2011 04:08

Today, I broke up with my now ex-girlfriend for the 5th time. She still hasn't got the hint. FML
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Does Hallmark make a "I dumped you, bitch! Move on!" card?

then don't talk to her anymore :-/


then don't talk to her anymore :-/

Well you obviously haven't either.

yea if you got back with her 5 times you are either A) playing with her mind and emotions... or B) you obv still havent gotten over her either... and if you have any decency you wouldnt mess with her or get back with her yet again if there is no interest in her, your just leading her on this way and thats beyond scummy

you shut your whore mouth when Billy mays is talking!!!!!!:D:D:D

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I think what OP is saying is that they aren't repeatedly dating, but she refuses to believe that they are broken up.

I dooon't think he "got back together with her" every time he tried to tell her it was over. I bet it was the other way around with her not realizing he was serious. Nonetheless, OP you deserved it. No sex before marriage, remember? ;)

I agree with 56. and 57 - what does sex before marriage have to do with the FML?

I also agree with 56 and 57..

62- If you don't know, you don't know. I'm sure you'll learn someday This reminds me of Transformers 2, in the beginning when that the chick was on the phone with the main character.

Op, let her catch you screwing one of her friends or something.

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I'm ready for the wedding.

45 and 46 are so smart :']

and 87 is too! this thread is full of intelligence! :'D

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46 is a dumbass

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Finn I have yet to see anybody complement you on the references, probably cause they don't get it but you Finn. Get a cookie.

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he hasn't gotten back with her ...

Finn_the_human 5

You mean every time I talk I get a cookie? That's bananas!

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that's what happens when you find them on the internet!

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hellogoodbye1996 6

60 it's was a joke. loosen up man!

tell her this "I'm breaking up with you"

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tell her to f off... nicely. :)

staple a break up note to her forehead

"dating you made me gay."

71 ur pic confused me

that is saying something...

ImaWiseGuy 5

tell her your a habitual cheater and you've manage to catch the clap during your sexual escapades.......

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don't go back out with her!! move on maybe then she will get the hint but by then it's gonna be too late

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132 - I think he means that he keeps trying to break up with her, but she doesn't get that he is, not that they went out and broke up and went back out and broke up again (etc.).

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its your fault for takin her back 4 times. not really an fml..

he didnt take her back in 4 times, hes tried to break up with her 4 times but she doesnt realise /:

just a hint I now it's stupid but don't say it again cuz they'll ban you for a week

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Yes, be a pussy and move instead of just ignoring her. That is a really good idea.

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sorority=girls ever heard the terms 'sorority sisters' and 'sorority whores' fraternity=guys. ever heard the term fratboy ?

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sorority=girls ever heard the terms 'sorority sisters' and 'sorority whores' fraternity=guys. ever heard the term fratboy ?

SteelCladAngel 0

sorority=girls ever heard the terms 'sorority sisters' and 'sorority whores' fraternity=guys. ever heard the term fratboy ?

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ever eard of the term : "Commenting only once" ?

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fly outta that party like a bar outta hell

TexasCountryFan 0

ha a bar outta hell? love it, don't make sense though, I believe it's supposed to be bat =p

cldean24 4

I wish I knew what he said. he looks like a real douche in his pic.

sixth times the charm?

Does Hallmark make a "I dumped you, bitch! Move on!" card?

that would be a best seller =)

DocBastard is amazing

damn #14 you are evil cuz I want french fries now =p

you could make money start your own company of break up cards

16 that's me making people hungry everywhere I comment. EvilPotato's can dø that.

LMAO I now but it sucks cuz I'm pregnant and no one sells French fries at 6am =p

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The picture did the same thing to me! And it's still breakfast time!

cldean24 4

congrats on being preggers, sorry you didn't get French fries.

We should start a company that does "dumping" and "breakup" and "caught you cheating" and "i've got an STI" and call them "Skidmark Cards".

Pretty sure you could customize a Moonpig card for this purpose xD

For the fifth time and you're trying to get a hint across?! Here's an idea, stop dating her!! I think that'll give her the impresion that you don't want to date her -.-

yes exactly!!

^ avenged sevenfold ftw <3 <3

kportal69 5

a moron could figure that out. apparently he's a jelly fish. guys got no brain.

it's not they they've dated on and off, he's just told her they're broken up 5 times but she won't believe it

Hm, never thought of it that way mfmylifesrsly, could be. :O

yes that's exactly what I think

she is winning

why is it that I read this with Charlie Sheen's voice in my head? LOL

maybe less hinting and more spelling it out will help.