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yea if you got back with her 5 times you are either A) playing with her mind and emotions... or B) you obv still havent gotten over her either... and if you have any decency you wouldnt mess with her or get back with her yet again if there is no interest in her, your just leading her on this way and thats beyond scummy

  netherflame  |  0

I dooon't think he "got back together with her" every time he tried to tell her it was over. I bet it was the other way around with her not realizing he was serious.
Nonetheless, OP you deserved it. No sex before marriage, remember? ;)

  biass  |  0

62- If you don't know, you don't know. I'm sure you'll learn someday

This reminds me of Transformers 2, in the beginning when that the chick was on the phone with the main character.

  firecapez  |  4

132 - I think he means that he keeps trying to break up with her, but she doesn't get that he is, not that they went out and broke up and went back out and broke up again (etc.).