FML - The Follow-Up

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OP here. we didn't know my uncle that well he was one of the family members that dropped off the face of the earth. I came in at the wrong time when people were laughing so I thought he was doing an impression this is both a FML and a YDI

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So it turns out anyone with a Canadian's name, address, date of birth and the ability to make an educated guess can get that person's credit report. Using my credit report they found out I had a line of credit. I haven't used this line of credit in over 7 years and my bank card for it was deactivated. The bank however did have my current phone number and signature. I'm not sure how they didn't think to validate either. After spending an entire day dealing with the bank they admitted that they didn't follow their procedures, that it really was their fault and that they would launch an investigation. The next day the bank fraud department called me and asked me to identify myself by answering some questions. I might have gone to far at this point. I was not the most polite. I explained that they were calling me and that they shouldn't be asking me personal questions when they haven't proven they really are the bank. The lady on the phone was clueless as to why I would be asking here to prove she was from the bank. In the end she couldn't prove she was really from the bank and I hung up. I should point out that this bank regularly tells people they will not call customers and ask for personal information. It then took me 3 hours on hold to get back in touch with a person a the fraud department. The banks "investigation" involved asking me questions from a script. Other than where was I at the time of the incident all the questions were irrelevant to the what had happened. The Bank in question is CIBC The credit bureau that leaked my credit report was Equifax Transunion, the other credit bureau, in my opinion, has far better data but uses dark patterns to fraudulently get people to signup for services they don't need.

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the 2 friends are our other sister(was adopted when we were her and I were 12 and we had a falling out as teenagers and made up recently), and her ex best friend who was clear that he had no interest in her and never would... but my sister was delusional.that would change... then our other sister and her ex best friend met and started flirting and she attacked them for it.

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I didn't realize it until after I got back to my seat. I definitely wasn't going to touch that. Nothing like walking thru an airport with no shoes on.

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LOL Great advice. You are so wise. ooops, sorry, I meant you’re a miserable, unpleasant, hateful person. But yeah, if you must know, 1) the rent control started 30 years ago, way before and had nothing at all to do with COVID, 2) I am disabled and on a fixed, severely limited income and have been looking for another place I can afford the for 14 years (the entire time I’ve lived in this place), 3) even still, I spend the majority of every day job hunting, so far with no success. it literally take less than 3 minutes to post an FML, I assume from your comment that you never take any breaks at your job, and (4) the eviction was gentrification. the new owners of the building took it off the rental market so they can rent it out again after 4 years at a much higher rent (they specifically have a history of doing it to other buildings) and 5) there’s a government program that provides free cell phone and service, including data, to low-income people. So in the words of tRump who it’s apparent you’re a supporter of, suck it (my words) you nasty woman (tRumps words).

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Hello! Op here. I logged on to make this FML but I guess it didnt go through... The game was FFXIV, and the sad thing was that we brought the game together so that we could play together. While she pretty much played it constantly, I only played it in quick sessions because I had other games to play and overall did not enjoy the game. The next thing I know, shes bringing her laptop to group events to play FFXIV, not joining us in board game nights or drinking, and investing all her time to FFXIV. She even ignored my request to spend time with her on Christmas and New years. When she finally got off the game (cause of server maintenance), she decided that was the perfect time to just break up with me. I wish I was joking, but, one of the reasons was that I was taking time away from her game because I wanted to hang out and spend time with her. The sad thing was I wouldn't of mind just being around her while she played FFXIV, and would of been contempt with being in the same room doing something else in her presence. We're still on friendly(?) terms I guess. She stopped playing it after about 3 months and now I run a Tabletop game that shes part of, but it still hurts to see her and there's this air of awkwardness and tension when shes around. I wrote this about 2-3 weeks after the breakup cause I didn't know what to do and needed to vent out my emotions somehow. Didnt expect to see it when I was browsing today

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OP here. didn't have space to give enough details. he's the one using me. he's on retirement from a 5 way bypass. after we got together (he was super nice for a year n a half) he had a stroke, now he had motor control issues in one side, so he does need some help. he has a really short fuse with a hot temper. he's emotionally abusive and narcissistic. He's the one who messed up my credit when he and his family girded me to take a 6 month sabbatical from work and he wouldn't pay my 2 credit card payments (less than $1k on each). his 2 daughters are irresponsible and unreliable heron addicts on methadone, so they are no help to him. he only allows me to work part time. if I have to go in gro an extra day to help at work he gets really pissy. his 69 yr old bro comes over every weekend, really sweet, but eats a LOT, so it's really hard to save money (i have buy all groceries). idiot needs me way more than I need him. I've tried leaving before, but if you're not prepared it's difficult and he begs me to stay. he knows I'm unhappy. I also have no outside help. I don't want pity. I just wanted to clarify my situation because they do not give enough room in the initial post.

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OP here. I have since received an offer, took it, then had multiple offers at other places. Things are working out on this end. Been working all my hours plus some and got a truck. Making a come up after spending 7 years in the clink. Thanks for all the support guys/gals!!! 🙏

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the marriage will be ruined when everyone else realises she is a *****, the husband is standing beside her despite being broken that she wants his brother... the friendship is ending both because she knows what my ex did to me and because she kept trying to force me to hang out with them so they could hook up as well as her trying to hook up with any of my guy friends. not to mention getting mad at me for refusing to lie to everyone who asked if they were hooking up and if that's what ended our relationship... it's only part of it, I certainly didn't enjoy seeing the man I was going to marry try **** my best friend, in my bed... with me in it while we were supposed to be watching a movie... all cause at my house she could do what she wanted out of her husband's view.

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Hello, OP here. Haha yes, i posted the one where my boyfriend wanted my emotional support for getting mistreated by the girl he cheated on me with. That was why one of these long distance relationships that failed. :/ It has actually been longer ago than when I posted, but I didn't feel like posting anything back then. By now I find the situation so bizarre, I can laugh about it :D

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OP here, yeah actually. I sit at a gate all day in a parking garage and watch people pay and get tickets, I get up everytime someone needs assistance, so yes please explain cause I'm very interested in how the **** I can do my job more than I am. 😂 And other guy, what does IT have to do with no signal in a parking garage? Absofuckinglutely nothing 😀

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OP here replying to Nikki - The world is different for sons and daughters. Last summer, when she was 13, she snuck out in the middle of the night and walked 5km to make out with her boyfriend on lawn of a toys'r us. The police called me at 3 in the morning to come pick her up. (my previous FML) As much as I try and treat my sons and daughters the same, it really isn't safe for a young girl to be walking alone in the middle of the night. That's also why I couldn't really demand her and her friends come in, since her older brothers would go skate boarding in the middle of the night. At least she was out right outside our house so I knew she was safe.

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Here's the Follow Up: After my father died, I had forgotten to delete his number (As many have) and the scammers tend to use fake numbers made up of similar numbers to my own. Dad and I had the same first 5 numbers. It was only a matter of time. Oh, it gets better: It happened again TO MY MOTHER whose number is separated by only a single digit.

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The gift that she sent me holds no monetary value. She lives in Japan, and I live in America. She sent a journal consisting of entries that she wrote everyday while I was in basic training for two months. There was also a poster board with our pictures on it. It's really hard to look at all of the things she sent, but it honestly makes me feel a little better that this FML got published. And also I did go see Deadpool already! Thanks for the advice.

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OP here. OP here. My coworker and I quit. I have gone back a few times since and it is always somber there now. The people in charge have a way of killing everyone's spirits even the students. They were always/usually happy when I was there That section of the school lost half the employees in less than 18 months. I was the most recent one to quit. I don't know about the other areas because I don't go there. Anyway we started our own buisness so hopefully in a few years things will be going well. I will probably post again then.

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follow up a few years later. i was so hurt the day I wrote this, and i still haven't forgiven my mom for this. I've tried to talk to her about it, but ive never even got an apology. She put my dog down, because she found a autoimmune condition that caused my dog not to have any blood left. and the vet knew my mom, plus on paper my mom owned her, even though she had been living with me since I moved out 7 years earlier. it wasn't the wrong decision, i just wish I knew so I could say goodbye to the pet i loved above everything in my life.

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Hey everyone! OP here. Just registered my account.Thank you so much for your comments.. Yes I know it's good that they care... but it also was quite embarassing... As to better handcuffs, I've learnt my lesson.. No more cheap deals from ebay!

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So since this was mine, quick question: I'm hormonally intersex. So was I born male or female? (Let us all mock the misogynist for not knowing about intersex people, sexual variation in nature, or biology)

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Op here we did report her but the police are useless.

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Hello everyone, OP here. So to give a bit of background: our 14 month old was diagnosed with a relatively rare genetic defect which has contributed to her delayed development. My wife and I met with other parents whose kids have similar conditions to share our experiences and learn about treatment efforts. My mom was present, and though she has a right to speak her piece, she tends to speak off the cuff. She launched into my story without asking first. Further, she did so before my wife and I had a chance to share our daughter's story. So yeah, I felt thrown under the bus. Just a bit.

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Mister_Triangle 21

Well I've been out of high school for over a year now and my other sister (who knew for some reason) let it slip while we were discussing valentines day. I played it off like I already knew, but I secretly died a little inside.

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OP here. I can't even believe this got published. When I published this, I went with a different name because I forgot about my old account, but I managed to recover it. For those wondering about what happened, yes I did explain to my dad how it works. He comes from a much older generation and isn't into cosplay like I am, but he's also never run a business before, so he didn't understand the process of how it goes. To those who claim Cosplay isn't a real profession. Go to a convention sometime. You'll meet a lot of people who model, make their own costumes, and make a fortune on this. It's a newer market and better than working in a cramped cubicle, selling your soul to a minimum wage pension that doesn't even give you good health benefits at the end of the day, let alone having a boss who either constantly yells at you or steals your hours for their own selfish gain.

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OP here. Most of y'all know me. This is my 3rd FML posted this year so I got a little streak going. Update: the doctor who performed surgery on me has been hospitalized. I'm not sure why yet. I need a follow-up appointment to get my stitches removed. That being said, my delay may be longer than expected before I can lace the gloves again.

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Holy shit I can't believe my FML got published thank you. I've been actively dating for about 3 years now, but it has been over 8 years since I've been intimate with a woman. Not that I haven't been trying but health issues with my child and I have have made it difficult sometimes to date. But some of the biggest issues have been finding someone who can look pass the fact that I'm a single dad with two kids and health issues. But afew ladies on occasion seemed like good possibilities. And we did start to get to know each other better only for me to realize that they were drunks, heavy drug addicts, abusive to their kids, trying to use me for weed or just leading me on for kicks and being ghosted alot. so all I can really do is keep looking and hoping. and for anyone wondering I live in the upper peninsula of Michigan if you're interested LOL don't know why it says Ottawa.

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OP here. I realize no matter where I go I'd start at an entry-level job; but even most entry level jobs that require a degree would pay the bills for my family. My biggest disappointment is that I was only offered a barely above minimum wage, part-time job, after a three-month application process. I spent hours watching recorded meetings and looking over the shelter's statistics and brainstorming improvements to present at my interview (because I applied for an entry-level desk job) so it felt like a slap in the face to spend so much time and energy on this only to be hit with, as kfchicken correctly pointed out, a job any able-bodied person could do- and only part time! (I know they had full time positions available, so I'm wracking my brain about who could possibly have been chosen over me.)

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To all who don’t understand, I literally went to the wrong art festival. I was given the wrong address and then realized when I got home that it was not the right festival just a similar name.

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Ok OP here, here's the deal. I have no problem singing Britney. I like music that's that. But my brother thought it would be hilarious to overwrite my presentation with that. As far as why I was recording, well I lost a bet and keep my word. However, it was not Oops I did It Again it was Man Eater. Class got a good kick out of it for sure.

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Hi, OP here. This was back in 2021 and at the end of 2023 my husband went to rehab and he is working his steps and becoming a functioning member of society again. Along with back to being the husband I married❤️ things are great now. I did get involved in an ALANON group that has been insightful and very supportive along with friends and family.

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Op here. Nope it’s a 2003 Nissan Altima. It was his last car he drove. It has sentimental value and he took excellent care of it. It’s not valuable, but having a piece of something that meant so much to him makes it priceless to me.