By anne - 17/12/2011 03:46 - United States

Today, my husband called me to the bedroom to show me something. This "something" was him demonstrating his seemingly well-trained ability to accurately type out a sentence on my phone using nothing but his erect penis. FML
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TheSnakeDoctor20 17

That man is boss!

monkeysareyummy 0

New 'Americas Got Talent' contestant?


TheSnakeDoctor20 17

That man is boss!

Nebulas_n_Novas 7


That's a pretty well-trained cock.

I'm pretty impressed.

chillyCholo 5

I wonder what he can do w/ his pubes

Buttsexpirate 9

He'll go far in life!

#54 You're my hero. :)

I feel like this FML seems somewhat familiar. I've read something like that before.

Guys, guess what I typed this sentence with!! My Thumb... Pervert

ThatLooksSticky 16

#54, there's no need for any other comments. Thanks!

42- Why? Why, the hell would you wanna know that?

He'd probably have to have a small penis to pull that off.

Ever wondered why he used YOUR phone to demonstrate it?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Typing with a penis? Fuck that. Try typing with a vagina. Now that's talent.

SirObvious 1


That's intense

Got shot in the knee... Haha Skyrim

herpyderpy123 0

LMFAO! It's arrow in the knee .-.

Yep! matter how well you please a can never please a woman

bibbster18 11

Only in Texas.

hubla 0

His dick must not be very big to not smash like 5 letters at the same time

What, dont tell me you guys never texted with your penis before??? D=

I typed this on my phone with my erect penis... Nothing special...

42-- Get them braided?

This reminds me of the girl who texts with her erect nipples

badluckbrian7 0

Weird but impressive

I wouldn't touch that phone anymore

True still it's gross

desireev 17

Why not? It's been all over her body. Why not her phone?

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Why not her toothbrush as well?

I'm pretty sure she's had his penis on worse places on her, or at least I hope, since they're married. A phone is no big deal.

Steve95401 49

What a dick!

its probably been in her mouth. so on her phone and ultimately in her hand is no big deal

How old r u kid?

dsbs 9

A. Hole, please report to the bedroom

185- bringing other fml's into this one, i like... Haha.

Rohanmo how fucking old are YOU!? You look like your twelve bud :/

monkeysareyummy 0

New 'Americas Got Talent' contestant?

I was gonna say that!

Can you imagine..."and next up a man who really knows how to use his penis!"

maz255 10


I believe this is what you call sexting

Takes years of training...

I type this with my penis... I'll compete against him

Stark27 0

It's actually pretty easy, see?

farnsworth 3

I wouldn't be able to do that I'd keep mashing the buttons

farnsworth 3

Oh I'm on the farnsworth account I probably put a dirty picture in all ur minds xD

Rei_Ayanami 18

I don't want to live anymore...

Well I guess her husband is a talented man.

jacquesromualdez 12

He's playing "Angry Birds"

Shut up, farnsworth!

nativepimp 1

I've tried this before.. It kind of worked had to press kind of hard though

If only you knew what I typed this comment with.....

Ha yeh right you got a tiny penis

Now he's always with you.

IhateMahLife16 0

What a talented man.

skillz dat killz

pfx2_fml 15

A skill every man needs to master..

And your point is...? I do that all the time!

That makes two people.

Uh... You didn't need to say that... But good job...?

cherrysizzle1 0

Man is that the only thing u use it for?!

What a champ:)

That's not too "hard" to do. eh? eh?? No? okay. :(

I appreciate your ability to tell one bad comment from another. Good on you