By onedollar - 24/07/2010 21:56 - Venezuela

Today, someone gave me 13 dollar bills. I rejected one because I'm very superstitious about the unlucky 13. Later, I waited half an hour in the car for someone to bring me exactly 1 dollar because I did not have enough for the parking fee. FML
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Next time ask for a rabbit's foot while throwing salt over your shoulder and walking under a ladder, all while a black cat crosses in front of you. On Friday the 13th. Superstition is for idiots who don't understand statistics.


OP, I can't even think of a comment to describe how epically you failed

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Why believe in that stupid crap? YDI

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you should've just asked for 14 instead :)

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lol I wuldnt of brought op the dollar

omg 666 holy **** WE'RE ALL GUNNA DIE

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Apparently it is unlucky to NOT have 13.

so quit being superstitious dumbass lol. apparently 12 is less lucky than 13 :P

Can't really judge peoples opinions, but really?

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you gave up a dolllar?!? wats wrong with u

lmao some superstitions you need to drop. when a person gives you $13 take it!!!! come on free money!!

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did you miss something 47? op did ask for $12 and that's what caused the fml....

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pingpongpenguin 3

What kind of idiot turns down money?

I don't get this FML. So OP doesn't have any extra money at all? And some random person offered OP money?

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OP, 13 really isn't a bad number! 13 is actually my number for soccer, & I'm not cursed with bad luck! :)

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YDI for believing in superstition.

ydi for blamin ur beliefs on making u poor

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guess 12s the new unlucky xP

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is there any possible way that the OP doesn't deserve this?

I was born on Friday the 13th and I'm not unlucky :O infact, I even lost my virginity when I was 13! ****** up huh?

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I'm not racist or anything, so it's not because you're black, but how in the heck did you get someone to have sex with someone as ugly as you? You don't even have eyes, or a nose or a mouth!

13 is not bad really, its my lucky number and my number in all 3 of my sports

My sister was born on Friday the 13th... She's dead. Well damn now I'm sad.

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4 took the words right out of my mouth

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Where in sam hell did you need to park? Hopefully it was an amazingly epic place because, $13 for parking is crazy. Ok, maybe I'm just cheap. :P

139's obviously never been to Boston, NYC, DC, Chicago...

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Is it really that expensive around those areas? I thought our $5 parking was expensive lol! I feel bad now.

Oh yes, it can be. Try to avoid the paid lots in Chicago, and you're likely to get towed instead. Although after I posted that, I realized OP's in Venezuela, so I really have no idea how expensive parking should be there. :]

Yah, on Friday the 13th a black cat walked in front of me, stepped under a ladder, and in the process I stepped on a crack. I then found 50 dollars on the ground

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105, your sports huh, so does that mean I have to ask permission to play them?

95- no lol XD 97- was that comment for me? cuz if so LMFAO

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139- ie: 10 dollars parking fee at jones beach

is it me or 13$ for a parking fee is a lot? YDI for being THAT superstitious...

In NY, 20 dollars is very cheap for 8 hour parking.

I paid $30+ in downtown Boston. Hell, I've paid more than $13 in downtown Nashville.

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so it's bad luck to have bad luck or good luck to have bad luck.?

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hey! my birthday's on the 13th! and this year it'll friday the 13th! it's my favorite number! :)

lost it at 13? Most people would call that "being easy", not ****** up

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13 is my favourite number :)

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LOL this fml made me laugh hard.

Funny, OP, how it was exactly the opposite of unlucky...!

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Next time ask for a rabbit's foot while throwing salt over your shoulder and walking under a ladder, all while a black cat crosses in front of you. On Friday the 13th. Superstition is for idiots who don't understand statistics.

Of course I am. I planned it that way. My plan is proceeding exactly on schedule.

damn it! I was gonna make a comment #13 joke!!!!!!! u guys beat me...

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^ *facepalm* No, it says tha— HAAY! YOU'RE NOT THE REAL CHUCK NORRIS! He knows how to read!!! You smell like beef and cheese, and you sit on a throne of LIES!

Ummm is that a serious question? the OP said 13 dollar bills which is 13 $1 bills

Chuck Norris doesn't need to know how to read. He just stares at books until they give him the information he wants.

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thats nothing, they charge $30 plus when there are sport games or an event here in the Bay Area

sourgirl101 28

49er and the Giants(baseballs). When are you going to get a basketball team? You're missing out.

sourgirl101 28

Golden state. Opps forgot about them. But they're easy to forget about. Sorry(;

Hey they were close to getting into the playoffs 2 years in a row...Dont forget about the Sharks :)

sourgirl101 28

108 I was. I need to get in the habit of writing #s when I'm speaking to someone. You said Bay area, that's San Francisco right? Just wondering what teams you were going to paying $30 to see. Btw I think you have a good football team this year.

It takes some getting used to....And I am really looking forward to seeing how the 49ers can put their good talent to use, And yeah the Bay Area encompasses San Fran, Oakland, San Jose, and Santa Cruz too.

He doesn't say it all went to parking. He could've spent some of it on other stuff he needed and just ended up $1 short at the lot.

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When you believe in things, that you don't understand, then you suffer... Superstition aint the way. Side note: that's an expensive parking fee.

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Good job on the Stevie Wonder lyrics. Also, $13 (or more) for parking is pretty standard in many large cities.

That song definately ran through my head aswell.

He couldve bought a 7$ item earlier or something. And it can be 30$+ for certain places and events, not really that bad.