By fmynote - 27/08/2009 23:00 - United States

Today, I wrote a note for my crush of 2 years, expressing all my feelings for him signed it as "Forever your lover" then I slipped it into his locker. Later that day, he walked back up to me, tossed the note at me and said "You know I recognize your handwriting, right?" FML
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"Forever your lover"...personally, I would've stayed away from you. That's a creepy way to sign a pointless way of expressing your feelings. Just go talk to him if you're serious.


I agree! At least he knows your handwriting (:

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Wow you're definitely going to die a virgin.

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You deserve it for using the word "crush" to mean something other than orange soda or destroying things.

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Love letters are never "out". It's just that there's too many losers who don't appreciate it, like the OP's crush. :(

Take a big step...and literally **** YOUR OWN FACE!

Unless he only recognizes your handwriting because it's so horrible he would instantly know its you. Then, you're life would be most definitely ******. :(

Okay, I know kids think that everything is the end of the world in high school, but trust me, whatever happens in high school, your life is not ******. Especially not because of some cheesy note you stuffed in someone's locker. Forever your lover? Really?

I lost both my arms in highschool, I'm currently writing with my tounge...

i would have pity sex with the OP but that's just not my thing....FYL

i'd pay to see a chick do that i'd pay alot.

And what's wrong with being a girl, jackass?

She never stated that she's large in any way, #162.

You're a horrible person. Even if OP was big, you wouldn't have to be a dick. She cared for him and he crushed her hope.

Wouldn't have been so bad if he didn't throw the note at you.

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Actually I'm not, but whatever. Go around calling people bitches, hmmmmm I wonder what's gonna happen to you in your lifetime?

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i just called you a bitch, i didnt see anything happen to me, unless you mean the part where i was proven right, then yea something did happen and how can u say that's not a bitch comment?

Actually I meant that some time during your life you'll get the shit beaten out of you because you say shit to people you don't know. And, it's not a bitch comment because I know her in real life. She's my friend and it was a joke.

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no one is gna get the shit beat out of them for calling someone a bitch online lmao grow up. OP, i wish this story ended with "and he came up to me and said you know i recognize your handwriting right?" and kissed you :D FYL that's a harsh rejection lmao but at least you tried right?

Lol thank you, that's exactly right, nothing's going to happen. No matter how much you wish with your bitchy self. And if you do know her and it was a joke then my mistake, but don't be surprised that people took offense to it.

Starchild21 thanks, but baby_love, I didn't say that she'd get beat up for saying shit to people online, I said that if you say shit to people you DON'T KNOW (Which, btw, could mean in real life), then yes, you'll get the shit beat out of you, I've seen it plenty of times. And I'm done posting because clearly some people can be idiots.

Chaith 16

Shlizabeth says she is done bitching now! Thank god for every one of us idiots in this thread.

Hey Starchild, your a bitchy, bitch, bitch-face. **** it, you're all bitches. Nahhhhh!!!! Shove that proverbial finger up yo' ass. Bitch!

you're rant was pointless to read.... all you really need to say was "i cant believe you took offense" your writing a comeback ( a terible one mind you ) not a novel. lmao ! and even so, he was saying other people would take offense. its called reading between the lines ! DUHH !

Dude you have got to learn the proper usage of your and you're. You really do.

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Lol you too. Your is that something belongs to you and you're is you are. What are you 3rd grade?

it sso cute how you think i care :) sdfgjsrthgvbkjasnflwtghowenosdoihf .... oh oopsie is that not a word? ohh ! well good thing i dont care ;) xo

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including me? D: im so hurt.

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stop spamming. have a private message conversation or something

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Yonika, it's sad you don't care. Some grammar nazis on here do take it a bit far, but it obviously wasn't just laziness, it was illiteracy. Fix YOUR shit.

LMFAO! You're a bitch!!! *Points and tells you to **** off*

If he recognized your handwriting he can't completely hate you. Well. either he hates you or he doesn't.

The fact that he threw it back at her means something different than him liking her right?

yeah i would think so.. =S .... op: sorry that happened. that was pretty mean of him.

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That's actually kind of creepy that you did that...I'm not surprised he tossed it back to you. YDI.

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Did you not want him to know it was you writing this? If not, what's the big deal, other than he might have rejected you. Does this mean he rejects you then?

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Aww :( that was so mean! He could have at least said something nice... I mean you just poured out your heart. I'm sorry.

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if you sign off with "forever your lover" no one is going to take you seriously. if he recognized your handwriting, means your probably friends and he probably thought it was a joke or something.

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"Forever your lover"...personally, I would've stayed away from you. That's a creepy way to sign a pointless way of expressing your feelings. Just go talk to him if you're serious.

Me too. If I got a letter signed something like that, I'd be a little weirded out. Sweet idea, but quite pointless if you aren't gonna tell him who you are. :L And OP, if the point was to get it off your chest, you haven't really done that if you're STILL the only one who knows how much you like him. But agreed with number something-above, he could have been a little nicer about it.