FML - The follow-up

Today, my boyfriend decided he preferred his other girlfriend. FML

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I am the OP, and very shocked this actually got published! (Though I HATE the GIF they chose... Can that get removed?) Basically, it's a shit situation all around. He knows her from his public speaking job, and she used to live out of state. He met me locally. He was going to tell her they were done the same day she told him she was job hunting in our state and moving to be closer. I did know pretty...
By GarnetShaddow - / Wednesday 22 February 2017 23:21 / United States - Boulder
By Anonymous - / Thursday 23 February 2017 10:59 / United States - Shreveport
By Burst a Valve - / Thursday 23 February 2017 09:02 / Australia

Today, I received a phone call from my 91-year-old grandpa. He was lost driving somewhere in my town. I then spent the next few hours trying to teach him how to send his location until his phone died. FML

By anonYmous - / Thursday 23 February 2017 03:14 / United States - Boca Raton
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