By Evra - 16/04/2015 05:04 - United States

Today, my husband came too soon during sex. He then tried to pretend it didn't happen and continued. He humped me with a half-erect noodle for about seven minutes before I finally called him out. FML
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Charles900 16

I'd give him an "A" for effort.


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Well no, they humped instead of sucking.

true that, my ex bf wouldn't ever care abt my pleasure so.. its very nice of your husband OP :)

Yeah, that's true, but there's other ways to satisfy. Next time just say oops, laugh, and use the other skills rather than keep trying

Llama_Face89 33

101- at least part of the reason

I always thought it was the thought that counted more.

No the problem is that it's not hard;)

Well, you gotta at least appreciate the thought.

Don't be so tough on him, he's only trying to please you…

no, she waited 7 minutes to call him out on it.