By fmlalways - 22/01/2011 13:00 - United Kingdom

Today, whilst having sex, my husband screamed out a man's name. FML
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sourgirl101 28

If it was "Jesus"!!!!!! It might not be too bad. Anyone else, you're screwed.

twinny_sc 13

I thought the point of divorce was to move on. Silly me and my ridiculous thoughts.


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I'm sorry op! I tole him he needs to get over me! I'm in love with numba 1!

hey, your in the UK. Surprised?

Would that name happen to be Jesus? jk :)

Flamehog9 0


Lmfao awkward FYL

yeah a threesum would work

Popsiclese 0

haha that's funny

Ever considered that she might not actually want to see anyone's dick except her husband's?

ahahah! That sucks! FYL

iSitt 0

was it the nickname he gives his johnthomas?

Blackmail111 9


It wasn't first, but it sure was a fail.

iR0ckSkinnys 3

Why do u comment first,when your not sure if your gonna get it? It just backfires on you and makes you look like a retard.

sourgirl101 28

It makes them look like a retard even if they DO get it.

First the worst, second the best, third the turd...? Wait, it's fail, fail, and fail here, isn't it?

My ex-husband does too. Notice I said ex. And we still have sex, and he still calls out guy names. FML too.

Why are you still having sex with your ex? I never understood that.

donkeyshlong420 0

x sex rocks

twinny_sc 13

I thought the point of divorce was to move on. Silly me and my ridiculous thoughts.

Yea shame on u #38

lol your comment made me laugh and not the original fml post

Steel_BZ 8

Sex is good & they're comfortable with each others bodies. Maybe just not in love anymore.

I know what your dinner convo will be

bladomas 2

fucker, hahha, your husband is gay, are you sure you married the right person OP, FYL and YDI

Right, she deserves it because she married a guy that could be gay.

You don't know it, he could easily be bi. And for OP, that wouldnt be different from if her husband loved another woman...

Maybe it was just an androgynous name.. "Terry" could be a man or woman

I highly doubt that. And even if that was the case, her husband still screamed out another person's name than the OP's.

was it a name you know or knew before

was it 'Jesus'?

lishaa_85 0

that's horribleeeee !!!

Shadow_Phantom 26

O.o FYL.