By chewybarseventy - 24/08/2010 06:17 - United States

Today, I came home to see my husband talking to his penis. FML
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at least he wasn't applying it on another woman. And like you're so much better to talk to anyway.

my penis is my best friend too.. no biggy. ;)

and when ur having sex he's going to talk to ur ******.

haha number 6 not picking on you, but is your penis 'no biggy'? ok, so I know that's not what he meant...

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srsly no. 11 you comment every fml

17, at the moment it's 6:45 pm, just had dinner, and I'm laying in bed reading my text book. the previous lot of fml's came out at 3pm, while I was sitting In a rather boring lecture :) the ones before that came out at 7 am, when I just woke up :) ( I'm a phone junkie, i check it as soon as I wake up :) ) the next lot of fml's come out at 10pm, and you bet I'll comment on them too :))

I don't see whats so bad about commenting on each fml, half the fun on this site is in the comments

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Ha that's completely normal. Some people even name theirs. I call mine junior. We have rather interesting conversations as a matter of fact. I mean it is man (and womans) best friend ;)

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He was giving it a pep talk. :)

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penis never nags or talks back! :)

I can't say I've talked to mine, but I see this as a FML. Get over it.

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That's just funny! I would have laughed instead of writing an fml about it...

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wow.... this changes my perspective on everything...

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it is 10 in the mmorning heree

sounds to me like your husband has a sense of humor and you need to listen up a bit. besides, he and his penis were prolly in need of some bonding time. ;)

husband:"come on little guy, wake up, tell me whats wrong" pipi:"you are a jerk for sticking me in so many things" *wewe goes limp*

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46, You remind me of a young Glenn Beck! No offense.. Just caught my attention. :)

Roflmao - Time to take your husband to the mental home it's gonna be hard but you knew it was gonna have to happen soon, especially after he shaved your guinea pig and dyed it pink.

lmao That's what you get for being stupid in your choice of men

lol every male does it fyhl cause u don't got common sense

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Not a big deal, my boyfriend talks to his. I find it funny. Lighten up OP.

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YDI for boring your husband to the point where he'd rather talk to his willy than you.

lol no biggy? you might want to rephrase that.

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Maybe you're not giving him enough.

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well does that mean it's small trupe??? haha no jk

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as long as he didn't seriously think that his penis was talking back it's not a problem

um am I the only one who realizes this is already on fml, I'm not saying it's fake, just possibly

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why didn't you get in the conversation? 2 is a couple, 3 is a crowd.

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you didn't join the conversation? you know what they say "3's a crowd"

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140, that's such a typical name, my turtles name is bob

I always wanted to own something / someone name Bob or Larry. :)

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mmmm a man who talks to his penis is the type of man I wanna be with...heh, I'd talk to his penis too

WTF? also, the first comment couldn't have been better than 'lol'?

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Is that a crime?and to op,did you offer them coffee?

he can comment anytime he wants unless not negative talk

It's not disgusting(almost) every guys best friends are penis and dog

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kinda? this is really funny :')

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I talk to mine too. Sometimes he gets choked up and I have to force it out of him. His name is mister by the way.

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Mine's name is Big Will. He's a wrestler. o.O

maybe that's what happens when he's alone for too long...

playing... With YOUR food... YEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!! (That was bad)

a penis is like a flower, the more talk it gets ... the more it will blossom ! tell your husband to keep it up! your sex life is gonna get spicy!

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Ahaha "Hey dude, I'm sorry for making you **** that saggy ******, but don't worry it'll soon change! The neighbor is a nice lookin' guy. You into anal?" *penis goes uppp*

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Wait wait your not supposed to talk to it?? damn ive been going about this all wrong ha

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please be big please be big please be big!!

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22, love the cape. You look so bearly.