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  marinus_fml  |  19

17, at the moment it's 6:45 pm, just had dinner, and I'm laying in bed reading my text book. the previous lot of fml's came out at 3pm, while I was sitting In a rather boring lecture :) the ones before that came out at 7 am, when I just woke up :) ( I'm a phone junkie, i check it as soon as I wake up :) )
the next lot of fml's come out at 10pm, and you bet I'll comment on them too :))

  Trupe  |  3

Ha that's completely normal. Some people even name theirs. I call mine junior. We have rather interesting conversations as a matter of fact. I mean it is man (and womans) best friend ;)

  Hevzy  |  0

Roflmao - Time to take your husband to the mental home it's gonna be hard but you knew it was gonna have to happen soon, especially after he shaved your guinea pig and dyed it pink.

By  gumzy  |  6

a penis is like a flower, the more talk it gets ... the more it will blossom ! tell your husband to keep it up! your sex life is gonna get spicy!

  Ludii_fml  |  0

Ahaha "Hey dude, I'm sorry for making you fuck that saggy vagina, but don't worry it'll soon change! The neighbor is a nice lookin' guy. You into anal?" *penis goes uppp*