By Lexiebear27 - 19/09/2011 15:56 - United States

Today, I was fired for being a very happy and perky employee. According to my boss, it freaks both the customers and my co-workers out. FML
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qhostred 0

Unless you work at a funeral home, I really don't see anything wrong with being happy

Well if they didn't appreciate you the way you were, then **** em.


Well if they didn't appreciate you the way you were, then **** em.

Tone down the little ms sunshine shirts. Did you know that most serial killers are generally very happy people to the general public

stacianichole 2

That might be a generalization. I think many of them concealed their sociopathic tendencies and seemed 'normal' and 'well-adjusted' even though they were actually batshit insane in their basements making dead lady skin suits. Who ever sees THAT coming? "I just had a feeling Fred was frying brains next door."

There's a fine line between very happy and crazy.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

4, That's how they disperse any feeling of suspicion people might have against them. If they were a person you might suspect of being capable of murder, they wouldn't last long enough outside the bars to commit enough murders to qualify for being a serial killer. It just has to be the person you'd never think would do it.

At least you didn't sigh, they would've fired you for anger issues

Lemme get this straight they don't want you, for because your 'too' happy?

je_suis_fml 11

this is the world we live in... where happiness is combatted.

RedSharpieInk 5

Well when you seem way too happy, people assume you're on drugs

Theres always that one waiter thats too happy and smiles too much at a restaurant. i dont know if you are one or not but i can see where your boss is coming from.

Killers also tend to have high self esteem.

HowAreYouToday 34

RedSharpieInk; STOP. CREEPING. PEOPLE. OUT! Please?

I don't get it. Either OP is one of those really annoying people who sticks right in everyones face when he/she's happy, or OP's boss and coworkers just don't like being happy...

qhostred 0

Unless you work at a funeral home, I really don't see anything wrong with being happy

MasterE56 4

Apply to be a clown. Problem solved:)

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

20- there are sad clowns though

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Wasn't there a clown/funeral director on some show? I swear that mix sounds familiar.

BellaBelle_fml 23

76- It was on The Nanny, Fran was dating a funeral director and he told her he wanted to quit and go to 'clown school'. Ok, I've watched that show way too much.

Try being mean and see which they like better

Or try to act like squidward instead of spongebob

Naww.. Rather be mister crabs. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!

Mjfalcon 8

It's kind of late to try that since OP is already fired xD

borkchop1992 15

it is creepy what are you talking about

totalkaos 3

happy gay happy or happy cheerful happy?

BellaBelle_fml 23

Gee, I wonder which it could be?

Well, gay and 'gushy' would probably be appropriate grounds for firing.

BellaBelle_fml 23

Being gay or gushy are not grounds for firing someone. Especially being gay. That's just prejudice and that's grounds for a lawsuit.

74 - There is another definition of 'gay' that is not as commonly used anymore. And that would be 'happy' in a very gleeful and cheerful way. Not gay as in homosexual.

I wrote perky but FML changed it to gushy.

I work with someone who is so freaking chipper. I have NEVER seen her frown, or not be smiling. In all honesty, it's the most annoying thing I have ever seen.

I understand that, I work with someone who is always just a little to nice and cheerful. It does creep me out sometimes, and their laugh, holy shit, when they are really happy, she sounds like a screaming cat.

Wow... I think that's worse than the girl I work with. It drives me insane, we'll be having a terrible day and we're super busy, and she's just smiling away.

#7, would you rather work with miserable, grumpy assholes all day? Honestly, what's wrong with someone being /genuinely/ happy at work all of the time?

I'm fine with people being cheery or happy. In your face, bubbly and peppy? No thanks.

Why is it either/or, 58? And nobody is genuinely happy all the time. Either end of the spectrum is annoying as hell.

rebekahah 7

Smiley people are okay to a certain extent. It really starts to bug me, though, when their smiles are all smug just kind of saying "ha-ha I'm happy and you're not"

je_suis_fml 11

Damn that sucks. if you're not happy enough, you're fired. Now you're fired if you're too happy as well! Lifes a bitch

well geez, are you supposed to be mad then?

ieat_humans 3

That's what you get for being happy at work. Don't you know you're suppose to be miserable with your life? Shame on you.