By xkellybabyyx - 25/11/2009 01:05 - United States

Today, I was walking through the streets with my best friend, feeling confident in my new skinny jeans. My friend said, "you really should be wearing a thong with those pants, your underwear line is showing". I was wearing a thong, those lines were just my fat rolls. FML
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Why do overweight people always try to wear tightfitting clothes? Just becouse you managed to squeeze into something that's a couple of sizes smaller then you really are will not make you look good or thin, it will make you look like a stuffed sossage! Seriously unflattering, you'd look much better and skinnier in loose fitting clothes designed for your shape and size... just a tip, take it or leave it!

Moral of the story? Don't wear skinny jeans.


Moral of the story? Don't wear skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans look good on girls; I don't know what your problem is! That being said, the ancient law of "no fat chicks" applies here.

This comment is dedicated to everybody. Yes i know you cant help your genetics, if you have a faster or slower metabolism so dont get me wrong... But cmon fat people JUST shoudnt wear skinny jeans, lets just be realistic about this. And im sure i dont have to explain why... if your that retarded pm me and ill write an essay for you privately. ok thankyou for your time. Please dont thank me, im just trying to help humanity

Ever heard of genetic traits? I'm guessing you haven't. Don't be so assuming when you don't know anything about the OP's personal life. And also, she did say she was walking down the streets. So, FYL for not being able to read and comprehend well.

oooh, touchy touchy! looks like 148's a fatty as well.

Only person to blame for being fat is you.

ur what is wrong with america

are you fat #148???

Does she look fat? definitly not. Get over yourself.

Not sure if 148 is fat but you're sure an ugly ************. What are you anyway? Male or female?

hah well said ;)

No, don't wear skinny jeans if you are fat.

Eh, not skinny enough for skinny jeans. Ydi

Yes, fashion 101, never wear skinny jeans if you're not actually skinny.

Why do overweight people always try to wear tightfitting clothes? Just becouse you managed to squeeze into something that's a couple of sizes smaller then you really are will not make you look good or thin, it will make you look like a stuffed sossage! Seriously unflattering, you'd look much better and skinnier in loose fitting clothes designed for your shape and size... just a tip, take it or leave it!

KoreanGuy 0 shouldn't be wearing skinnies if you have fat rolls on ass

No, I'm thinking she has a large crease between her thigh fat and her crotch, that looks like underwear.

duuuuuude thats ******* nasty if thats really what looked like underwear!!!!

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Fat people should never wear tightfitting clothes. EVER. It ends up making you look more gross than you already are; there are plenty of clothes that are more flattering on fat people, skinny jeans are never in that catagory.

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We all have a right to our opinions. And the opinion of 75% of the population is: fat people are gross. The other 25% couldn't be reached for comment, because they are fat.

You do realise that a lot more than 25% of the population is fat now, right?

There is nothing wrong with curves, except when they spill out of your clothes. But, if you don’t like your body shape, don’t desperately try to press it into skinny jeans, just lose weight then.

You're only saying that because you're fat yourself.

@24. 25% is about right. 1/3 if people are overweight, but there is a difference between overweight and fat. Plus it is more okay for guys to be fat than it is for girls to be fat, which is why a lot of the people of that 1/3 wouldn't count. I'm not being sexist, it is simply a truth in our society.

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Ok but noone's mocking the Op coz she's fat,everyone's mocking her coz she's fat,but tries to wear skinny people clothes.

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its not curvy when your fat rolls look like underwear lines.

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Not really. Guys being fat is just as unhealthy. N females have more fat because that's what stores estrogen. More fat means ur body holds more of the female hormone. Which can Also cause men to have man boobs

Mx_Rider 6

idc u are what u eat

immastarr 0

that makes no sense. my bf eats everything and shes like 110 lbs as a junior in hs. if i eat a freakin apple im not gonna be any skinnier than if i eat a ****** chicken nugget from mcdonalds.

Godless50 0

your BF eats everything and SHES 110 pounds? you do realize Bf stands for boyfriend right? dating a ladyboy?

immastarr 0

UR a FUCKIN RETARD!!!!!!!!! BF MEANS BEST FRIEND!!! something youve nvr had b4!!! BF can mean boyfriend or best friend.

immastarr - actually, "bf" does normally stand for boyfriend. Don't go screaming at people and calling them retards just coz you used "bf" for something other than its normal use. I figured out you must mean "best friend" (seeing as you said "she") but generally, when people say "bf", they're talking about "boyfriend". I wouldn't have bothered calling you on it except you were so frigging rude.

Godless could use some common sense though.

Please don't use text are hurting my brain!

Skinny jeans are for skinny people. Not fat people. Stop eating. Stop breathing.

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don't be a bitch...

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Btw curvier=sxcier

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Any comment that says the word "sxcier" in it automatically loses all validity as a legitimate comment.

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there is a difference between curves and rolls

Yeah, why do fat people always claim they are "curvy." Yes, there is nothing wrong with not looking anorexic, but if you have "rolls", you are just fat. And its gross and unhealthy. BTW, recent studies show that if women are overweight when they are pregnant it programs their childrens genes to store more fat. So its not only unhealthy for you, it can be unhealthy for your children.

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YES but..there is one thing that needs to take place before u have kids and that is to find a guy, if ur fat, good luck w/ that LOL

Shallow ******. Some guys like bigger women. I've met plenty that do.

fat =/= curvy Curvy is having larger hips, boobs, more meat on your body, etc. Generally the hourglass shape. Fat is having fat everywhere, no matter what shape your body structure is. Generally a round shape.

haha yea i've herd abou that but it's not impossible to get around that my mom is 4'11 and she got up 180 when she was pregnant with my sis and my sis was fat until she hit puberty and grew 4 inches and lost 5 lbs now she's stick thin because she chooses to take care of herself

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Not fat, just fluffy.

smartalek 2

"curvy" is an hourglass shape, but with larger hips and boobs. when your a circle, it's not the same curvy.

I'm not fat I'm fluffy -__- that's what it is

I'm not against the fact that she's fat because everybody is different but at least choose what really works for your body the name of those jeans says it SKINNY they are for skinny people!!!!!!

They're "skinny jeans" because the jeans are skinny compared to other jeans because they are made with 5% spandex. Whether they're skinnier than usual size 2 jeans or usual size 12 jeans they are still skinnier than their regular counterparts.

Yeah, technically, but when larger people wear them, it makes their hips look wider and shows off the largeness; they won't make them look skinny. I think that's what #8 could not eloquently say.

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Uhm hello!! They're called skinny jeans because of the way the bottom is tight around the ankle. It really has nothing to do with spandex! Bell bottoms, bootcut, flared, semi-flared, skinny, skinny extreme, super skinny..LOL. All about the bottom of the jeans. Also you don't have to me skinny to pull off skinny simply have to buy the right size. Alright?? I'm a size five and that's what I buy! I don't try to squeeze my ass in a 1 and 3 fits but 5 just is more comfortable. You just need to accept your size. And plus I have huge hips..36". Great for baby makin I've been told. Hahaha.

If you aren't skinny enough for skinny jeans don't wear them! Don't force yourself into them, it most likely won't look sexy. Wear clothing that compliments your body shape, not clothing that stops blood circulation and makes your fat bulge even more. You are giving your own body a bloody death gripe with those pants. Only guys I can think of that would think the muffin effect is sexy is guys with big appetites. If you don't like your body type then get in shape. Or just accept your body and say "Round is a shape!" Either way, stop wearing clothing that doesn't fit you!

The only thing worse than a fatty is a fatty who tries to look good. (or thinks they look good)