By Anonymous - 20/8/2021 20:01

Let it all out

  Today, my husband shit himself a little during sex, but tried to keep going because he was "so close" and didn’t want to ruin the orgasm. I, of course, shoved him away but it was already down my leg and had stained our cream bedsheets. FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

I'm sure as he was getting so close to an orgasm for himself, he pushed you way away from one of your own.

Unless you're into that kinda shit. If you were, this wouldn't be an FML, I suppose.

Sorry about the ruined bedding. Sounds like a...

...wait on it...

...sheety shituation.

By  Vesi  |  28

Sheets aside, if that had gotten inside you, holy mother would you be looking at some *serious* infections!