Totally? Really?

By honk honk, fuckwad - 06/11/2015 22:39 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I had a dream where I was giving Justin Bieber a blowjob. I'm a totally straight male. I have half a mind to bill the little bastard for therapy sessions. FML
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This whole FML leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

At least you didn't wake up next to him


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Well they say dreams can act as catalysts for reality...

Justin bieber has a penis ? Must be a tranny

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Just because he had a gay dream doesn't make him gay, dreams can be completely random.

are you an idiot you can't bill someone for therapy cause your a gay guy

Your apparently the moron. First off joke. Second off dreams don't make you gay. Dreams are random as ****

sometimes in my dreams im a magical time traveling fox... but then i have to wake up.

your subconcious is telling you something mate. #lovewins

I once had dreams similar in subject where I was extremely attracted to the way this train looked. My subconscious is definitely trying to tell me something.

#20 SIDERODROMOPHILIA " I'm going to **** every train"

fragmen52 18

#20 **** her right in the caboose

This whole FML leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

I think it left a worse taste in OP's mouth. Sperm can't taste too good.

I agree #7. I know that, for me, it would be too much to swallow.

That's why Monica Lewinsky votes Republican now. The Democrats left a bad taste in her mouth.

Next time have the roles reversed in your dream. Then take a step forward and choke the little shit.

Actually there's four comments of his pretty well back to back lol. Just scroll further down