By KO - 12/10/2014 16:45 - United States

Today, in the middle of sex, my husband accidentally headbutted me, almost knocking me unconscious. FML
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could've been worse. he could've accidentally headed your butt

Headbutt him back


Headbutt him back

GuitarFail123 9

I should headbutt you for how shitty a comment that was

And i'll headbutt you for your shitty reply. *waits to be headbutted*

Sounds like he gave some pretty good head

Well sure, what's sexier than a concussion?

Roskosity 22

@34 percussion.

There's an FML in moderation saying "Today, during sex, I head butted my wife, almost knocking her unconscious. FML"

Why did #44 get down voted? That was great! :)

Sounds intense.

Could've been worse, the condom could've broke!

could've been worse. he could've accidentally headed your butt

Thanks for that. >:)

wow it was a knockout

chaosmanfun 7

So he likes it rough?

Looks like you guys were in some intense shit!

Are we talking the head on his shoulders or his other head

*que Mexican music

BBlah 26

At least it was an "almost" and not a "completely"...? Either way, just have him make it up to you ;)

sounds like some rough sex

Talk about rough sex