By rioght onnn - 20/05/2011 19:38 - Canada

Today, while working at a restaurant, an elderly lady stuck my tip in my back pocket as I was walking away. I wish I knew this before I'd thrown her to the floor for touching my hiney. FML
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Hey, elderly or young, female or male, I don't blame you at all.

it doesn't matter, her hands shouldn't have been anywhere near your butt.


Hey, elderly or young, female or male, I don't blame you at all.

crunchycereal 0

should took the old lady's purse and ran.

yea don't you think that's just a little bit excessive? lol

Eh my first reaction to someone touching my ass wouldn't be immediately throwing them to the ground, but okay...

well I mean that's a little much even if someone did touch your hiney.

MiGman 5

op might have thought the person was trying to pickpocket them

Face it, if OP were a woman and it were an elderly man touching her ass to slip her a tip, you'd all be siding with OP completely. Way to go sexual equality...

So please don't touch me there, that is my private square, R-A-P-E that's what old grannies did to me.

guckylynn 19

agree with assuming pickpocket. with where I work I would have done the same thing. tho I spend alot of my time surrounded by criminals and their families...

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Does anybody else think that it's super weird that this dude was modest enough to have referred to his ass as a "hiney" yet he was bold enough to tackle an old woman and risk seriously injuring her for having mistakenly groped him? Interesting moral choices buddy...

juicedboi 7

Your a douche for throwing an old lady to the ground regardless of the ground. Her actions didn't warrant that response, even if she had not been tipping you...

Most of you are just being pretty ignorant for saying it was wrong of OP to throw her. When in fact saying he "threw her" states that he trains in some form of martial arts. When you're trained then your body instinctively reacts to stuff like this, like some people are saying op probably thought they were being pickpocketed, so they reacted.

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She should've just handed the money to her rather than trying to slip it into her pocket...

Maybe OP was doing something like helping other customers or writing down something amd she didn't want to stop him or distract him from whatever he was doing.

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You're an idiot. How could he control someone coming up behind him & touching his back pocket?

Err, yeah, I don't think she was referring to that part of the FML.

cheer4ever96 8

I meant when he freaked out and attacked the customer.

Still, op thought he or she was being groped, perfect reason to attack.

it doesn't matter, her hands shouldn't have been anywhere near your butt.

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You guys are ******* stupid.

I agree but throwing her to the ground was a bit of an overreaction. I would have agreed with slapping her hand away or yelling at her

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That is a little inappropriate. I would have freaked if someone touched my hiney too.

Jesus Christ! Was it really necessary to throw her to the floor?

whether OP is male or female its not a big deal.its not like the customer tried to buttfuck him/her.

doesn't matter if she did just touch your hiney, you shouldn't have thrown down with an old lady. what kind of @hole does that?

deathfyre8 13

OP didn't know until after the fact and could've thought somebody was pickpocketing them. I would've reacted the same way with no regrets.

why would you throw some elderly lady to the ground? even if it was for touching your butt, it's still mean

Do you not look before you hit someone?

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I don't either, if someone touches when I'm pissed... oops

you will be left behind in the rapture. christ is not crazy 4 you.