Thanks, I guess…

By unsatisfied - 09/03/2009 06:15 - United States

Today, I was working at the grocery store and a very old woman wanted to give me a tip for bagging her groceries. She slid a quarter into my pocket against my thigh as deep down as she could get it, then she gave me a smile and a wink. I was groped by a grandma. FML
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Wait wait wait!!! Did u enjoy it???

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she was trying atleast. I bet she bought her house for 50 cents back then!

LOL! A quarter... big spender! I love answers 1 and 2. I literally lol'd at #1.

rebboy_2008 0

Wow... a whole quarter? She's really spending big time. I guess that early bird special down at Denny's will just have to wait another day.

Grandma hands are the softest, and they can take their teeth out. ;)

On the bright side, you got a quater!

Maybe you should invest in a tip jar or cup, to prevent further unwelcome hands in pockets. Or keep a spider or a cockroach in your pocket, to teach people not to put their hands in there.