By great parenting pal - 11/8/2020 02:01

Child labor

Today, I was dining out with friends. I saw a mom instructing her young child to go to empty tables and take whatever cash had been left. I discreetly told the manager. He confronted the woman and pointed right at me. As she was being thrown out, she tossed a very heavy mug at my head. It hit me. FML
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By  John Nemeth  |  14

I don’t know who’s the bigger asshole the women stealing money or the manager blatantly ratting you out.

“Oh yea that person over there saw your child stealing money let me just point them out for you so you know who to throw your mug at”

By  leximichelle  |  13

Why didn’t the manager just say they had witnesses and camera footage of her doing it? Sounds like a moron. Also, he should have called the police if she was literally stealing wages from workers instead of just throwing her out.

By  Hangryko  |  17

Press charges against the mom and sue the manager for any medical bills incurred from the assault. Also, Child Protective Services should get involved.

By  thatkorean  |  5

Call corporate or the owners and let them know what happened and how the manager handled it. Because that’s ridiculous and his actions caused a customer to assault you (another customer)