Cool prank bro

By Anonymous - 12/12/2009 11:02 - United States

Today, I have been getting calls from a weird kid from my school asking for nudes. I asked how he got my number, then found out that my friends put my number on a pole at school saying, "Call Wendy for a good time, she has nice tits". FML
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Post their numbers offering hot buttsex.

O that's nice...


O that's nice...

suaveneanderthal 0

What i would like to know is who the hell calls someone to ask for nudes? how does that conversation go? oh uhhh ummmm you might not know me real well but i was hoping after we got done on the phone here you'd send me a picture of you naked. i thought people usually text asking for nudes? actually i call bullshit because no one really calls for nudes.

Yea, but it sounds like the op is from high school and high schoolers aren't too wise on the ways of the Real world :)

Excellent deduction my dear Watson.

Cool Story Bro!

YayAmerica 0

Bullshit or not, she's got the fact that she has nice tits to comfort her.

xoxocourtney 0

actually #5 I've been called/texted/emailed/facebooked/etc. for nudes

you must be smoking!!

CookieMonstr19 0

Youve got some pretty nice buddies!! Way to pick 'em!!!!!!!


Post their numbers offering hot buttsex.

HUrullz 0

hahahahaha that would be weak

thatslife4ya 0

 Payback time. Put your friends' numbers on the stalls in the boys bathroom.

#4, no. She can stay the hell out of my bathroom.

Poke_my_mon 0

I'd enjoy a girl with nice tits in MY bathroom.

4 u homo she has nice tits! :D :P

ohhh ur wendy??? haah can i still get those pix?

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Lol! Ur friends are funny xD Just find the poll, wash off ur number if you can and write down their number xD

Kuro_koumori 0

I bet it was Cartman that wrote it. And probably Butters that called.


You friends? Those aren't you friends. I would slap those bitches the next time I saw them

Kuro_koumori 0

Give him your grandma's nudes instead.

Batman4890 0

#11 who the fuck has nude pic of their gran? thats sick....

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creepy comment

Creepy... But funny

I didn't realise people took those offers things seriously..


this time write down your friends name number and adress so they can keep ringing their doorbells. xD