By anonymous - 28/05/2013 00:56 - United States - Philadelphia

Today, I was working at a place where if you're tipped, you sing. After a lady paid for her ice cream, she pulled out 5 dollars. Thinking it was a tip, I took it, and sang the song. She didn't mean to tip me. I was stopped by the woman slapping me. FML
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XxXCrissyXxX 12

What do you mean by "took it"? Did you just snatch it from her, or did she hand it to you? That is the difference between fyl and ydi.


rahulcool7 14

I still think slapping her was a bit much.

It depends if she sang a justin bieber song then its understandable

physical violence is taking a toll these days instead of communicating

CubanBitchh 10

To me it's a YDI, if the lady didn't hand you the money you had to right to take it.

phantumgrey 6

Cold stone is a dangerous place to work

groovycrazyjoe 18

probably started singing black Friday

dixiefoxx 22

Oh wow, that was really rude of her.. Sorry OP, FYL

Did you even read the fml? It was rude of the OP to assume she'd get a $5 tip for what presumably is a $6 ice cream

18 - But slapping OP was incredibly unnecessary. She could have just politely said that it wasn't meant to be a tip and asked if she could have her change. Instead, she blew the situation out of proportion and acted bitchily.

I don't know about you but I would slap someone for trying to steal my money as well. Unless they had a gun. Then I'd cry...

It was a mistake and it was also five dollars. To some people that might be a lot to lose, but if you're out buying ice cream I'd like to hope you're not spending the small amount of money you have on that (unless you really need it y'know sometimes it helps to eat sweets) So assuming the lady didn't have a problem with spending five dollars, that's such an overreaction. She's in a store where people sometimes give tips, not out on the street in the middle of the night.

People give tips. Key word, we all have a fight for flight reaction when something surprises us... I'm sure if she wanted to leave a tip that there is a handy tip jar out...

CammyGal 26

Jeeze, people are so rude. She could have just asked you to stop.

Meh. My kids slap me when I sing too. My singing will make your ears bleed...

SystemofaBlink41 27

My grandparents kick me. And it's "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

But then, OP was rude too because they just grabbed the money from her.

XxXCrissyXxX 12

What do you mean by "took it"? Did you just snatch it from her, or did she hand it to you? That is the difference between fyl and ydi.

CharresBarkrey 15

Man I read this FML all wrong. I read it as the lady took $5 from the tip jar.

#4 Exactly my thoughts as well. I read it like she snatched it and felt she deserved it but it couldve gone both ways.

I read it like that too at first but if you read back the whole thing it's very unlikely that's what was meant...doesn't really make sense. I'm sure OP would've had a different reaction if she just took money from the tip bowl.

That's what I thought. If the lady was just pulling it out of her wallet and he took it without her handing it to him, it's a YDI. If she did hand it to him, its a FML.

You never thought that the money might actually be for what she ordered?

crazytwinsmom 25

OP said the lady pulled out the 5 after she paid.

CharresBarkrey 15

It says "After a lady paid for her ice cream, she pulled out five dollars."

You took the money out of her hand? That is a BIG server no-no...

Woman to women. Did a mob of females decide to defend one of their own and attack you?

SenselessPattern 12

Yes, the pack mentality is strong.

onorexveritas 23

wow that's rude. I hope you slapped her back

My partner refuses to go there any more because of their singing policy. *wry grin*

Hiimhaileypotter 52

I was going to apply there but then found out about the singing.... Noo. I don't sing. I'd work there as a last resort. I think it's a pretty dumb policy. It's not like the customers want to hear you sing either. :P

Wizardo 33

I imagine your life is a pseudo version of Les Mis, just hope you don't have a worker who sings like Russell Crowe...