By brhorton02 - United States
Today, I was waitering at the restaurant that I work at when I collected a credit card bill that was worth $120 and a big zero on the tip line. Angered, I turned to a co-worker and said "I knew this asshole wasn't going to tip me." The guy was standing right behind me with $30 in his hand. FML
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By  mylifeisfuckeddd  |  0

that's why when you talk about tips, you make sure the people aren't around. i work at a party place for kids and as soon as the family walks out the door we talk about how good or bad that party was and how much we think they tipped.

  Sabre300  |  0

Today I went out for a meal. After racking up about $120 of food, I thought I would be nice and tip the waiter $30 cash so the tip won't be included in his taxes. As I walked up with cash in hand to the waiter who was looking over my credit card reciept, and I heard him say to his coworker "I knew that asshole wouldn't tip me". FML.


k I'm a waitress aswell and it is completely unprofessional to talk about your tips period! and your pay too! it bugs the shit out of me when co-workers tell me how much a table gave them! crazy!!