TheBigSneeze tells us more.

Hello! Op here. I logged on to make this FML but I guess it didnt go through... The game was FFXIV, and the sad thing was that we brought the game together so that we could play together. While she pretty much played it constantly, I only played it in quick sessions because I had other games to play and overall did not enjoy the game. The next thing I know, shes bringing her laptop to group events to play FFXIV, not joining us in board game nights or drinking, and investing all her time to FFXIV. She even ignored my request to spend time with her on Christmas and New years. When she finally got off the game (cause of server maintenance), she decided that was the perfect time to just break up with me. I wish I was joking, but, one of the reasons was that I was taking time away from her game because I wanted to hang out and spend time with her. The sad thing was I wouldn't of mind just being around her while she played FFXIV, and would of been contempt with being in the same room doing something else in her presence. We're still on friendly(?) terms I guess. She stopped playing it after about 3 months and now I run a Tabletop game that shes part of, but it still hurts to see her and there's this air of awkwardness and tension when shes around. I wrote this about 2-3 weeks after the breakup cause I didn't know what to do and needed to vent out my emotions somehow. Didnt expect to see it when I was browsing today