By ihatemyjob - Canada
Today, at work, an elderly lady came up to the cash register with a flyer in her hand, and asked if we had a certain item. I told her we did not have any left, and we would be getting more next week and if she wanted, I could give her a rain check. She hit me in the face with her purse. FML
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  tedirvine  |  2

24 if you weren't retarded and learned how to read, you would notice at the top that it says the op is Canadian. leave it to an American to come up with the idea of suing as the first fix to a problem.

  energo  |  0

"Yeah, only AMERICANS are bigoted! Only Americans do X! I'm so awesome because I don't stereotype or look down on people like an AMERICAN would!"

People who talk like that (and I'm not referring to all non-Americans, before someone accuses me of that) are hypocrites.

  bbi5291  |  0

But this is one of the situations in which a lawsuit would actually be a reasonable response. How can you expect to be able to reason with a person who has just assaulted you physically?

  leafynitemare  |  24

I haven't voted yet but the other side of the coin here is that there's definitely some story missing. Maybe OP intentionally left out something they did to provoke them?