By nobffs - 01/01/2010 06:10 - United States

Today, my sister-in-law asked why I wasn't out partying with my friends to celebrate the new year. My mom then asked "What friends?". Ah, the new year begins. FML
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first yey =] FYL ur mum is a super bitch O.o

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lol! im getting major laughs outta you miki-chan!

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ouch!but i like how this is worded XD tell your mom to butt out! and make a resolution to have as much fun, but take precautions

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I had the exact same conversation; for New Years I spent time trolling /b/ and went on FML. Better than partying.

Same thing happened to me. I answered "Carl and Matt" and then she replied "Ah, they are nice boys". You dumb or something? She just asked you which friends you were going with.

But maybe her mother said it in such a way that OP knew she wasn't meaning it in the way your mother did?

no, I can see your a real looser kid. go cut yourself.

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wow you don't have any friends or maybe your mom just hasn't met any of them yet.....