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Today, while at work, a customer gave me a $20 tip. I explained to him we aren't allowed to accept tips, but he insisted. When I called the manager to report it, he pocketed my tip. FML
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You should have just accepted it of he was being that persistent about it

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"When I called the manager to report it" People like you make me ******* sick.


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That was the customer's plan all along!

If it happens again keep it or give it to charity.

You should have just accepted it of he was being that persistent about it

Depending on where she works, she could be fired for it if she is caught. Walmart does not allow the cashiers to take tips an used to (at least the store I worked) plant people to do just that.

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It's like this at Lowes, you may help a costumer carry a half ton of lumber to his vehicle but you aren't able to take any money they try to give you for doing it. When I used to work there old people would always try to tip me, I'd always resist at first but I would cave in if they kept badgering me.

Yeah, I used to work at Kroger and policy was you weren't supposed to take a tip but all of the managers told us that if the customer insisted and would become upset/dissatisfied/offended to take it because Customer Happiness and Satisfaction was to come first. Just being a cashier and being patient with her baby and helping her got me a 10$ tip. I denied at first and when she insisted I took it...

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Sometimes, you just don't question the good things that come to you in life.

From the FML it's obvious her manager is a douche. If she hadn't told him but he found out anyway, he might have docked her wages or even fired her. Let's face it, he seems like the type to do something like that, if he bans his staff from receiving tips, but accepts them himself.

#2, I just have to say, I was really happy that you said "should have" instead of "should of." Far too many people are misusing the word "of" in that instance, and it really annoys me. So thanks!:P

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"When I called the manager to report it" People like you make me ******* sick.

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I agree and so does your profile pic.

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It depends on where she works. What I'm seeing is OP took the tip but called her manager to tell them and the manager took the tip. I have worked several places where it is automatic termination if you accept a tip. I'd call and tell my manager too if my job was at stake. Secret Shoppers are often asked to make sure employees are following tip guidelines as well as customer service.

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I understand what you're saying, kinda like the teacher forgetting to ask to turn in homework and the ass kissing nerd Melvin has to open his mouth and remind her? I understand that to a point, and I also understand him/her doing the right thing but I was always taught never to give out information and just answer the questions as they come. It may be company policy but I doubt it says to report it. Just let things run their course and stop feeding people info.

Lots of stores use mystery shoppers, they might have been persistent to try and catch the OP or any colleagues out

No, 34, it's not the fact that OP is doing their job, it's the fact that OP is basically spineless

They don't mean 'report it' in a bad way, it means that if they are offered a tip they have to report to the manager that they have been given a tip, and the manager decides whether they can keep it. It's a workplace policy.

3 - You're a ******* idjit. It's not like the OP was calling the manager to ******* rat out a coworker or something similar. They were facing a situation that could lead to termination if not handled properly. Clearly you've never had a ******* job before, or have been self employed since day one.

Can't even keep the money people think youve earned...

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You should've kept it. Why would you report that anyways?

At some places, you can be written up or fired for accepting a tip if it's against their company policy. OP reported it to stay out of trouble, but ended up getting screwed because of doing the right thing. FYL OP.

Why exactly do malls have policy against taking tips ? I've been thinking about it and I just don't see the point of it. And I'm sure there is no law that prevents people from giving away their money to whomever they want, for whatever reason

@40, a lot of places won't let employees accept tips because it looks like theft on the security cameras. If you do a job that puts you in regular contact with money, the last thing you want the security cameras to see is you putting some in your pockets directly after opening the till (if you're a cashier, that is). It also protects employers from the "but it was a tip..." excuse for being caught stealing.

I get it now, at least for cashiers. But when I worked as clerk in a mall (as in I never handled customers checking out) my manager told me we weren't supposed to accept them either. I was lucky though, he didn't really give a damn when people tipped me for carrying heavy or voluminous stuff to their car ; but still, this rule theoretically existed for me too. If anyone can explain that one ...

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52, It might be that your boss had an obligation to present equal opportunities to their employees. If the cashiers can't receive tips, how would it be fair to them if you could accept tips and they couldn't? If the employer makes it okay for someone with your job position to accept tips without doing the same for cashiers, it could affect the business because some people may want to try to get a different position, quit, or complain. I'm pretty sure the employer doesn't want that.

Don't equate working a register to heavy lifting. Ever.

Well, at least you were honest, and hopefully your manager knows that.

You should have accepted it anyway. Nobody would have known. >_>

Unless the customer was a secret spy!!!! :O

Yeah and also some work places dont allow their workers to accept tips. Otherwise theyre at risk for being fired. I had a friend lose her job for accepting a tip at her job and she didnt even know she wasnt allowed to keep it.

How do you know no one would have known? There is this wonderful device called a security camera that many stores have, for a start...

And you would know this for a fact, based on an anonymous post on FML, how exactly?

Wow. Hopefully he's putting it in the associate fund. That's what I do with my tips. Not worth losing my job over a handful of random money.

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Why in the hell would you report a customer trying to go above and beyond to thank you? Maybe try to encourage a more positive route, such as, a customer compliment to your manager?

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I think she reported the tip, not the customer.

Your manager needs a few other tips on how not to be a dick 1. Don't be a hypocrite