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Ohh granny getting it on!!


you failed the first rule of being a woman on the job: Never, under any circumstances, BEND OVER to pick up anything. You gotta kneel down. Even if you aren't wearing a skirt. So YDI just for that. You should probably be flattered though. I guess you have a nice ass.

at least she smacked it, she could have palmed and fingered.

dont reply to get ur comment up top cunt bag

Dude, it was a woman. It says it right under the FML.

Not to mention that guys are called waiters, not waitresses. So a guy would not be waitressing

shut up 78 your no better than the rest if the ppl who comment on #1 to get to the top, you dis the same so you can talk shittt

YDI for having a nose.

I thought OP was a guy...

Thats hot? More like horrifying

ydi for not being a lesbian

Ohh granny getting it on!!

Who downrated #2. She lives in Iowa which is where Slipknot is from. She is automatically cool!!! Stay (SiC)

I know right?! Lol what's up with grannies these days...?

Bloody horny grannies are worse then these young kids.

grannies are worse than the kids cuz old people can do just about anything they want....not many people wanna scrap with seniors lol. its a shame though she didnt shove a few singles down ur ass, and one of them with her number. i bet shes wild in bed lmao...

Did you give her your number?

I kissed a granny and I liked it.... The taste of three day old prune juice ;) lol

#48 wins the Cool Comments game...

#48 is a WinRAR. Also, these comments would have been a lot less light hearted if it'd been a guy who smacked her.

Lmao! That's hilarious!

The real question is: Why were you bent over in the first place? Customers don't get that much service.

Runnnnnnnnnnn bitch run!!! :p

That's nasty I woulda slapped the false teeth out of her

YDI for presenting yourself to some old fart

That wasn't their intention asshole

That's pretty bad! I bet u liked it

Too many FML's like this starting to get old...

Both! First.

FAIL. You were 11th

Just means double first?