By grannysmack - 11/07/2009 09:10 - United States

Today, as I was bent over at my waitressing job an elderly woman walked by and smacked my ass. I looked at her, shocked, and she said, "It was too tempting with you bent over like that, I have a dirty old mind." I didn't know whether to be flattered or horrified. Maybe both. FML
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Both, always both.

iowagirl1997 0

Ohh granny getting it on!!


Both, always both.

you failed the first rule of being a woman on the job: Never, under any circumstances, BEND OVER to pick up anything. You gotta kneel down. Even if you aren't wearing a skirt. So YDI just for that. You should probably be flattered though. I guess you have a nice ass.

Imawhalerider 0

at least she smacked it, she could have palmed and fingered.

eggnogg 0

dont reply to get ur comment up top **** bag

pltcllyincorrect 0

Dude, it was a dude.

Kylias 6

Dude, it was a woman. It says it right under the FML.

Icalasari 0

Not to mention that guys are called waiters, not waitresses. So a guy would not be waitressing

hellokittywhore 0

shut up 78 your no better than the rest if the ppl who comment on #1 to get to the top, you dis the same so you can talk shittt

YDI for having a nose.

^ wtf? :D

itsjulia 0

I thought OP was a guy...

Thats hot? More like horrifying

ydi for not being a lesbian

iowagirl1997 0

Ohh granny getting it on!!


SiCMgt4SlipKnoT 0

Who downrated #2. She lives in Iowa which is where Slipknot is from. She is automatically cool!!! Stay (SiC)

gtdoll 0

I know right?! Lol what's up with grannies these days...?

Bloody horny grannies are worse then these young kids.

pippysthename00 0

That's hot.

grannies are worse than the kids cuz old people can do just about anything they want....not many people wanna scrap with seniors lol. its a shame though she didnt shove a few singles down ur ass, and one of them with her number. i bet shes wild in bed lmao...

Did you give her your number?

gtdoll 0

I kissed a granny and I liked it.... The taste of three day old prune juice ;) lol

Mozart24 0

#48 wins the Cool Comments game...

#48 is a WinRAR. Also, these comments would have been a lot less light hearted if it'd been a guy who smacked her.

Lmao! That's hilarious!

The real question is: Why were you bent over in the first place? Customers don't get that much service.

Runnnnnnnnnnn bitch run!!! :p

crownme 0

That's nasty I woulda slapped the false teeth out of her

SiCMgt4SlipKnoT 0

YDI for presenting yourself to some old fart

Inked2009 0

That wasn't their intention asshole

Josh223344 0

That's pretty bad! I bet u liked it

gregzav 0

Too many FML's like this starting to get old...

Both! First.

that_guy321 2

FAIL. You were 11th

Just means double first?