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  Crypticedge  |  6

Yeah, I needed my girl with me to make it through one of dad's friends wakes when dad was hospitalized in an accident, and that was me going to comfort dad's friends widow and let her know we didn't blame them for the accident, if my girl wouldn't have come to a parents wake she'd be my ex girl quickly.

  nbrowser  |  24

My friends and I call it auto-confuse...

To the Op, sorry for your loss, and yes, it's time to sit the boyfriend down for a good long talk about things.

  xoteeshaox  |  22

I was thinking the same thing. That the boyfriend cancelled his original plans to attend the wake with his girlfriend. It seems to be the response that the boyfriend cancelled going to the wake because no alcohol was being served.

By  Sefolkerth  |  20

I'm sorry about your loss; and it may be hard to face this right now but perhaps this relationship needs to be rethought. Your significant other's priorities are very questionable. Perhaps he doesn't deal well with loss himself and is unsure of how to be there for you, or maybe he really does need to grow up a bit. Either way it's time to talk.