By ab1e - 12/05/2010 20:07 - United States

Today, while at work, a woman left her credit card at my register. I tried to return it before she left. Seeing her getting into her car, I jogged after her and yelled, "Wait." She ran over my foot. FML
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bad things happen to good people.

yes because good drivers check all their mirrors before reversing.


RaIeigh 0

Maybe you shouldn't have been directly behind her car? Nice gesture though.

NotYourOrdinary7 6

I agree too, Raleigh. But really, its the thought that counts :) Karma will pay you back someday (in a good way!)

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debiasio69696969 0

14 - you're cute op - maybe you should stop being so nice

korn247 5

well ydi for being too nice and f your foots life

epoh_fml 0

damn Jenine, don't you have enough FML lovin? on every FML you're complimenting someone :)

debiasio69696969 0

op should buy a prosthetic foot/leg with the credit card FAFP!!!

adrii09 0

hmm at least u tried to be nice :) that's what counts. and now since she ran over ur foot u call call her a ****** bitch!!! lol :p

rohosoccer08 1

good gesture op... sorry about your foot

FMLRevoluSean 0

Haha my dad left without a burger at sonic once and the guy followed his truck almost half way home to give it to him. but he didn't get run over. my dad didn't have money for a tip so f the skwaitors life.

debiasio69696969 0

Hope , what can I say , i got love ;)

In Soviet Russia, we kill the bad women drivers.

FMLRevoluSean 0

In soviet Russ-- POW!

Hey, eat my hairy, but waxed furburger dick.

bootyleg 0

im guessing your too nice to sue for insurance money 

KiddNYC1O 20

umm get that bitch back and go on a shopping spree!!

second!!! and the first persons right

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epoh_fml 0

that's what I was thinking. you must have scared the lady :/ fafp *grumble grumble*

What's a fafp? Sorry, this same comment is down lower, but I reposted because it showed up in the wrong place.

RaIeigh 0

Flying Asians Fingering People..or so I hear that's what it stands for :].. Nah seriously, it's **** Anti Flood Protection.

epoh_fml 0

I posted it below but my comment disappeared :/ it stands for **** anti flood protection. or dafp is for damn afp, etc.

FMLRevoluSean 0

Flying Above Fried Penguins

epoh_fml 0

hahaha I like your answer better Raleigh

ScooterScott 0

Frijolas Attacking Flying Dolphins

RaIeigh 0

Chyuuh :]. Took me a whole 15 seconds to think of that :P.

Ah. I thought you made it up to go with the FML; as in a Frightened, Awful Female Driver.

FMLRevoluSean 0

No I made it up cuz I'm so cool. idk where y'all got the anti flood thing, it was originally Dont attack ******* poptarts.

epoh_fml 0

all hail DAFP Sean! don't anally finger pirates

FMLRevoluSean 0

dangerous alienated fat pithons!

RaIeigh 0

Hah, but Hope: Douches Always Finger Pirates :P.

CookiesNOJ 0

Don't answer fawckin politely! >=00 For all my people in Anger management classes.

FMLRevoluSean 0

Don't answer the ******* phone! Death appears furious, people!!!

Sean u made it up because ur a fagget

your own fault. did she get card back or are you using it?

LiveLaughLove18 0

Uhm..i agree with #1. Were you just standing directly behind her car expecting her to see you when shes in the front seat about to back up?

yes because good drivers check all their mirrors before reversing.

That's a perfect anti-theft solution!!!! Kudos!!! Wonder how much it is a month??

that's a little much...I wouldve just waited for her to come back and get it later