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Today, the girl I like sent me a Facebook message telling me how the message I left on her phone was one of the funniest drunk dials she's ever gotten. I'm debating whether or not I should tell her that I don't drink. FML
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that is fucking hilarious. You just made my day

just think how funny you are drunk


hahaiseeyou 0

i say dont tell her and find someone new

the_flirtt 0

ya that could work 8 but I say u be truthful bro

Play along...or risk unnecessary humiliation. Seems like an easy choice to me.

hahaiseeyou 0

19- he's not gonna get anything out of it though, she obviously doesn't like him if she thinks that

the_flirtt 0

wow 25 my comment is down there soo

samgar 0

Hahaha you must of said some crazy ass shit, FYL

Next time she dresses up to look nice, tell her what an amazing King Kong costume she 's wearing. No biggie.

hahaiseeyou 0

um okay? well she wouldn't be thinking that if she did like him, it's just gonna make the situation more awkward

the_flirtt 0

ok ok true but you never know ?

wow op that's a perfect setup. send her this: yeah sorry I was pretty tipsy that nite lol. but u were on my mind so I'm thinking next time u can join me. promise I won't get as crazy. or sumthin simple like that. then u wait for her to say yes. easy.

hahaiseeyou 0

you make it sound like your so sure

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Write her a song. Chicks always fall for that crap.

punk homo limp wrist

the_flirtt 0

how lol I'm just sayin ?

snowboarder1417 2

38 - I agree, somehow it always works haha

go chris brown on her ass naooo or just tell her either one

hahaiseeyou 0

I still think he shouldn't tell her though, I think she would have said something by now if that was the case

chris brownchris brown

the_flirtt 0

ok 54 you win geez ur impossible :)

hahaiseeyou 0

haha i was just making my point

the_flirtt 0

point proven !!

hahaiseeyou 0

good =)

Who the hell is disliking everything?! Seriously, get off FML!! On a side note, this will probably be thumbed down too.

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I'm giving them thumbs down! For not commenting where they should. Much like I am doing right now. Now I must give myself a thumbs down. :(

Lame lame lame. WHERE'S THE FML?? This site used to be good.

go with "sometimes people r most truthful when drunk" then laugh it off n be like "what did i say?" if she feels strongly against it, be like "wow so should I drink more often lol?"

Today, I was riding the public bus and a really fat, smelly guy sat next to me. He put his arm around my shoulder and asked me if I was single. My stop wasn't for three more miles. FML

wat r u like 13? lmao

that is fucking hilarious. You just made my day

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3rd comment mutha fucka! op, your an idiot. what did it say?

green_eyes124 0

don't tell her! what she doesn't know won't hurt her : )

ask her is she knows how to make sandwiches

I don't even want to say it

Wow, I wonder what you said.

the_flirtt 0

well she doesn't really know if he was drunk or not soo maybe she might have feelings for him ?

Go in for the kill!

alaskan420 0

fuck, more people commented in the time it took my iPhone to post that

Indeed. tragic, which girl is you in the picture? :)

hahaha I legitly lol'd at 12 hahahah

waait diff comment? idk it ran awayy oh wel haha

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just tell her the truth

Casrein 0

YDI for being messeged on shitbook

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haha fyl