By 713 - / Sunday 29 August 2010 01:36 / United States
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  myschyveus  |  0

wow op that's a perfect setup. send her this:

yeah sorry I was pretty tipsy that nite lol. but u were on my mind so I'm thinking next time u can join me. promise I won't get as crazy.

or sumthin simple like that. then u wait for her to say yes. easy.

  snowball20  |  0

go with "sometimes people r most truthful when drunk" then laugh it off n be like "what did i say?" if she feels strongly against it, be like "wow so should I drink more often lol?"

  mixxanber  |  0

Today, I was riding the public bus and a really fat, smelly guy sat next to me. He put his arm around my shoulder and asked me if I was single. My stop wasn't for three more miles. FML