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Today, I broke up with my abusive girlfriend. She responded by breaking into my place and stabbing my hamster with a fork. FML
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Can't you call then cops for that? ..

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JokersHQ 21

Not only animal abuse by breaking and entering. Also, if se was indeed abusive, you could bring that up in court as well. Honestly I would look into a lawyer if I were you. She took it too far by abusing then breaking and entering. The animal abuse on top of it all is horrible and she needs to be held accountable for her actions.

I would definitely inform the authorities ASAP. For her to take her aggression and anger for you out on an innocent, helpless animal is not only wrong, but it's also sick and may be a sign to some sort of sick mentality that could come up in the future again and maybe on something other than a hamster! People who murder people usually started out by killing and hurting animals at one point!

He should. That is not okay. He needs to do something about the sociopath before he's the one she's stabbing instead of an innocent animal.

Or stab her with a fork and see how she likes it... Or that may lead to more issues (you'd feel slightly better though)

A few charges as well as a restraining order. She's obviously seriously unhinged.

Man I have tears in my eyes! That bitch better go to crazy house before she burns someone's dog or kills a person!

BradTheBrony 19
tjv3 10

Why do most of the crazy women have to be in Texas . Sorry OP

#264 Because all my exes live in Texas...

But better the hamster than you OP. I'm not saying its ok to stab hamsters with forks. Just it could've gone a lot worse.

A human would survive a forking. I'd take a fork for my pet.

in movies im never sad when people die, but i am always sad when a dog dies.

#45, I don't think it's bad. The hamster is an innocent, unrelated party which could not possibly defend itself which easily makes it worse than stabbing a person.

Missyeru 14

Reading this FML made me sick to my stomach!

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A hamster getting stabbed with a fork would be like a human getting stabbed with a telephone pole.

ninety 25

@167 - innocent is not describing the actions of the hamster. It's describing the fact that the hamster had nothing to do with what happened between OP and his ex.

I seriously stared jaw jacked at this post.

Hammy was in the wrong place at the wrong time.. ;~;

asnakelovinbabe 16

I'm not one for fuzzy pets, except for rats, I really like rats.... But a pet is a pet and that's so shitty that the hamster had to suffer what was probably a horrible death because some bitch is crazy. If my husband and I ever split up and he harmed one of my snakes he'd be a dead man walking.

D: ^does not begin to describe my feelings upon this fml.

This wasn't entertaining at all. That just made me depressed. :c

Gearden 8

I normally like fml to laugh at the misfortune of others. this was so sad it ruined my whole day... it ruined Saturday, that's like my whole weekend, I extra hate that bitch now.

lies down tries not to cry cries buckets

DedicatedNova 13

Time for a new girlfriend... And hamster.

I think he had already realized that, hence him breaking up with her in the first place.

threer 30

What if she forks the new girlfriend?

Breaking and entering with attempted murder? Obsessed ex girlfriends suck man

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with her? Like what goes on in that girl's head that she can do something so sick?

I don't know. But I suggest OP runs long and far..

To hell with help. Get her some eye stabbing with a tooth pick..... oh wait, that might be illegal..

I've never wanted to kick a woman's ass until I read this FML.

jw90 18

@ 131. I'm right up there with you man.

Pressing charges is also help, Im guessing she's more likely to be tied up at a ward then locked up in prison. In which case you are helping her.

threer 30

#131 and 132, stop singling out women. Kthx

#160, pretty sure they meant just that one particular woman. They're not saying they wanna go kick women's asses now. Just that anyone they've wanted to beat up has been a dude up to this point.

Heathtastic 10

**** getting her help. Make some friends with some pet loving bamfs and give them her address

Sorry to hear about your hamster, but I am happy to hear that you were able to get away from your abusive girlfriend. Next step: restraining order.

Restraining orders are just a piece of paper. Concealed carry against that bitch!

Time to go get the b*tch. Innocent animals don't deserve that, just because she can't handle the fact that a guy that love her so broke up with her, because she was abusive.

iajm02 13

Make sure you call the cops... And stay away from that crazy bitch.

ninety 25

say she stabbed your pet though. The operator might not take you seriously if you say your ex broke into your apartment and stabbed your hamster.