By Anonymous - 26/11/2010 18:18 - United States

Today, I went to my parents' for the first time in months. Upon my arrival, I found out that I won't be spending the day with them because they've taken a car trip to attend a Sarah Palin book signing. FML
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PALIN '12. maybe that's what the mayans were talking about.

I'm going to get ahead of the game and start the political controversy: I think all politicians should be rounded up, placed in a large vat, and covered with glue. Discuss.


I like fists, if you know what I'm saying.

Let's see...getting beaten about the face with them or getting them shoved up your patulous asshole?

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If she is the next president she must make sure to thank the folks of Alabama for being stupid enough to vote for her.

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Let's hope not, it would be as silly as electing you...

if i can find my shotgun there will be no one named Sarah as president.

Sarah palin should kill herself and so should and all u nazi republican *****

Sarah Palin referred the North Koreans as allies several times in a recent interview. This was only one of many, many, many mistakes. Simpletons will vote for her.

why does everybody race to be first. Sarah Palin is awesome js.

Hell yeah! Ops obviously jealous! Sarah Palin is ******' awesome!

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She's your biological mother... Yes, you're adopted.

37 is from England. Why should she know who Sarah Palin is?

if Sarah is awesome then you have a life. everyone knows they are both lies

L0l well they must like her m0re... Ur parents must talk to their tv set when she comes on the tv l0l

Well u haven't been home in months... maybe u should of called first.

PALIN '12. maybe that's what the mayans were talking about.

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if sarah palin is more important than must be waaaaaaaaaaaaay down on their like list

Did you actually call to say you were going to be home that day or did you just turn up? If it was the latter then YDI for not checking they'd be in whilst you visited, you can't expect them to drop their plans like that unless it's an emergency. If you did ring them to ask and they then ditched you in favour of the book signing, then it sucks, because they could've at least made arrangements to take them with you, or had you go home on a different day etc. But you now know where you stand in their lives.

Didn't you call ahead? Your folks have better plans every day than just hoping you'll stop by -- which you don't do for months at a time.