By deadhamster - 03/02/2012 18:29 - United States

Today, I woke up to one of my hamsters cannibalizing the other. FML
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XTheDesertSongX 17

Sorry, man :/ That's not something you should have to see..


XTheDesertSongX 17

Sorry, man :/ That's not something you should have to see..

well he wouldn't see it if he knew how to take care of hamsters.. i don't know how to say it in english - sth like 'density effect', what i mean is just too many hamsters on such space that you provide them.

No one should have to see that. I would be all WTF.

That does suck. I would probably throw up right there.

Maybe you should try feeding them more often...

littletinyME 5

That happened to me when I was 7. It was so sad.

shanemaximo 7

ZOMBIE!!!! Kill it!! Kill it with fire!!!

rachie2455 4

That happened to me too. When i was like 7 i gave two baby hamsters to my friend and the black one ate the brown one :(

Today on Nat Geo we are going to see something amazing. The great circle of life. Warning the following clips are intend for mature audiences. Today we are going to witness the species of cannibalistic hamster in action. IMO should have recorded it. That way when someone says hamsters are gay .. BAM! You wipe out you video of you cannibalistic hamster devouring his fellow cagemate. Make up something about how this is what the female does after mating with the male. But sorry for your loss that had to be tough to watch

ThisIsMyReign 4

That happened to my little brothers. They were both female so, they fought to the death for dominance.

Hamsters aren't sociable, they're solitary; tiny little gladiators in an arena if you house them together.

mama2b3 20

At least op's dad didn't come over and kill them both..

Inediblepeaches 15

115, I saw a FML about someone's dad killing both their pet rats. Was that you by any chance?

Sonfang 19

#6 Hamsters are not "pack" animals. So cannibalism happens. :) I think that is what you were trying to say. OP, That really sucks, but you should do research on the animal you're buying! Not just assume it'll be ok. Some animals are not meant to live in groups, better luck next time. You want a fun rodent to have, invest in guinea pigs. I love my little guys!

You watched evolution take place sorry it had to be your pets though

My hamster died yesterday, I feel half your pain, op. :,(

Your little brothers were.... female? and fought each other!? alright then...... Lucky you stayed out of the fight!!

aww shit, this reminds me of the time my hamsters mated, had kids. then the male hamster eats the mom and then proceeds to eating the babies. he then died himself. i feel your pain.

chubby_choco 17

I got that with my rats, it's pretty miserable. And they grew up together, too, so OP can ignore all these assholes saying 'YDI for not knowing your animal facts.' Sometimes, rodents just develop a random desire to eat their own. That's why I don't keep them any more...

Theyve evolved!! Shit hide yo kid hide yo wife hide yo husband!

GoW_Chick 14

Because they eatin everybody! Edit: 29 beat me :(

I guess your hamsters were like. Alright someone's gotta be top hamster round here. Fight to the death and winner gets free dinner. Guess that one hamster wanted a leg of HAMster more than the other one. But Hey, look on the bright side you don't have to clean out the dead hamster. the other little guy should take care of the remains( yes I know I'm evil. So don't you try to crucify me). Hold a service for the dead hamster..... Then. Slowly roast the body over a small fire and force the other hamster to eat the meat. That should teach him not to kill something if he isn't going to clean up the mess. ;]

MissFits_fml 6

^ Now that's something you shouldn't see all day.

Aren't you only supposed to have 1 hamster unlesd it is a special kind for this reason?

Yes you are absolutely right. Unless they are dwarf hamsters then they should be kept alone because they are solitary and territorial do they will fight to the death. If you want two pets get gerbils. They get lonely if they are alone.

MichellinMan 20

oh sweet baby Jesus, I always thought it was okay to have more than one hamster... oh shiiiit

I had two gerbils. Now just one, the other died. Of natural causes of course. Man, a death match would've been FREAKIN AWESOME!

xPOTMxDeath 3

You have to be careful with gerbils though. If they were raised together you're fine because they clan with each other.

Stiggy626 25

I had two dwarf hamsters and one ate the other after I had them for about two years. It was not a pretty sight.

lovelydarlings 6

Yep you are. My 3rd grade class found this out when our pet hamster ate the other one...

kelseyyup 5

well... I had dwarf hamsters and this still happened... I CAN FREAKING FEEL YOUR PAIN OP

To my knowledge, they generally only do that when it's two males or if a female has babies and becomes stressed.

Marcella1016 31

Lol 144 I read your comment and automatically went to hit "I agree your life sucks" and got confused when I only saw thumbs. I'm on FML waaay too much. Sounds like a really crappy situation though sucks for you (and the hamster) :(

Wow I didn't even know they could do that?I will never look at a hamster the same again! And I though they were just fluffy balls of innocence...

DDbaconcrazy 1

Ponyo likes ham!! (sorry completely random)

Namerkp2 8

Nah chicken, just like everything else in the world.

Namerkp2 8

I said everything else in the world so that does not include ham, but I take it back. My theory is that everything people aren't supposed to eat tastes like chicken. Alligator, frog legs, etc. all tastes like chicken. Seems like hamster would be part of that list.

Unless they where Roborowski hamsters, they shouldn't have been in the same cage in the first place... Otherwise, this is exactly what will happen...

j_neee17 0

Really ? I didn't know this about hamster ..

krnpanda 2

Yea there arent that many breeds that can be caged together. Especially Syrian hamsters. They'll have a deathmatch

If people doesn't know this basic knowledge about hamsters, they shouldn't buy them. Simple as that.

bethanyjk 0

Uhhhh hampsters are always together at the store....

GoW_Chick 14

As completely shitty and horrible as that is, I kinda think YDI.... unless they were dwarf hamsters, it is a well-known fact that you DO NOT house hamsters together, and a quick google search would have told you that. If they were dwarf hamsters, I retract my comment and apologize, because though if they are supposed to be social and able to live together in most cases. And again, it is a very shitty thing to have one of your pets die, especially in such a traumatic fashion. My condolences.

Why do hamsters eat each other? I have to know, it's... disturbing.

I didn't know they'd eat each other, but I do know that a mother hamster will sometimes eat their babies

Most rodents are naturally omnivores. It's the pet shops and pet food companies that perhaps encourage them to be vegans because of the pet food they produce and sell. So you could say it was just instinct...

samikitty961 8

I wouldn't put dwarf hamsters together either. Mine ended up "cannibalizing each other" just like OP's.

GreenAppleDP 0

The only ones that are okay with each other are robo dwarfs and chinese dwarfs.I should know, I work in a pet store. Hamsters are solitary animals.

Hamsters will not live together after they start to get older. Baby hamsters are completely oblivious, but once they get older, they need space so basically then it's a fight to the death.

Dwarf hamsters that are littermates and have been raised together can sometimes be housed together. Otherwise, you want to keep them as far away from each other as possible. Hamsters are nasty little buggers. They're territorial and aggressive with their own kind as well as others, just like any other animal (you think of them as such 'cute and cuddly' critters, but nature has no place for a 'cute and cuddly' critter that can't defend its turf).