By kingpin9219 - 30/05/2011 04:29 - Canada

Today, I broke up with my girlfriend in a crowded mall. I thought this was a good idea, until she went ballistic, began screaming and crying, and then stabbed me in the stomach with a ballpoint pen. I got banned from the mall. FML
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looks like it was a good thing you dumped her if she's that senssitive

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Yeah 24 somewhere private so she could of killed him and disposed of his body so much easier.


looks like it was a good thing you dumped her if she's that senssitive

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sensitive? the girl's a maniac! didn't you read correctly? the man got stabbed with a ball point pen!!!!!

Dumping her in the mall? Wow dude, at least do it somewhere private.

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Yeah 24 somewhere private so she could of killed him and disposed of his body so much easier.

no I agree with 24 I mean dumping someone is serious and it can really hurt the plus how would he know that she was gonna go ballistic?

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Damn cut the boy some slack... you learn through mistakes. Although I'm sure the choice of venue for the break-up isn't the reason she stabbed him. The lesson to take here is if you feel you might get stabbed, head somewhere public that you don't mind never visiting again. If she's seemingly stable, always opt for privacy (and cross your fingers)

Lucky you didnt break up with her in a kitchen or shit wouldve went down.

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Wait why would you get banned if she stabbed you if they were actually watching the camera footage then they wouldve seen that that's not how it went down! Yah I agree if she's gonna be that way then it's good you broke up with her now how long were you going out with her?? I never cry over someone unless it's for a year or longer anything less than that I'm not sure if it's long enough

Oh yeah 28, I'm really sure she could've killed him with a biro :L

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I think the reason he choose the mall was because it was a public place and he knew his ex was unstable.

well if she's unstable it would have been better if he texted her so he coulcdnt je her reaction

I disagree, #110. If OP had dumped the psycho via text, she could've gone crazy and sought out some revenge. Hopefully she got everything out of her system and can now move on. I think a public place wasn't a bad choice at all. You still get to talk face to face but it takes away the intimacy. Just make sure you have separate rides home.

*sigh* Why do so many people think it's a good idea to break up in a mall? How can you ever get a good talk face to face about a serious subject if there is no intimacy? It's on the same level as breaking-up through a phone call. I would be so pissed off if my boyfriend broke up with me on a public spot. Maybe it's because I think OP's girlfriend isn't such a psycho as you think she is. My guess is that she's very, very sensitive and emotional unstable, but not that much to call her a psycho. I mean, OP didn't even expect this reaction, he thought it was a good idea. Maybe, just maybe his girlfriend reacted like this because she didn't like the way they broke up.

94, as ridiculous as 28's claim that she might have killed him was, it is very easy to kill someone with a biro. I can think of quite a few ways right now, and a few more that would devastatingly maim but not kill. Secondly, 28 was not claiming she'd kill him with a biro per se, however if that is how she acts in public could you imagine how she would with no witnesses. Correct me if I'm wrong 28, but that's what I took from it.

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nah 134 you hit the nail on the head

but maybe she will still get revenge for humiliating her in a public place

I agree with #1, my gf started cussing me out, and when I asked her if I was this bad when she previously broke up with me, she said, "well maybe I just have more emotions than you!". girls can be brutal, and Im sorry OP

@#125 I have the sneaking suspicion that the OP did expect some kind of bad reaction and that is why they chose a public place. People choose a public place because they are hoping that the sheer volume of people that can see them will keep the other person from going ballistic. I would say what shocked the OP here was probably the fact that the reaction was this bad in a public situation. I have to agree with the many other commentators who have said it, if her reaction was this bad in a public area imagine what she might have done with no witnesses.

hatepineapple 14 JUST SAID she was emotionally unstable. Emotionally unstable = Psychological problem. Person with psychological problems = "A Psycho" (slang).

196, he probably expected screaming and biyching but not being stabbed in the mouth with a pen

I swear to god I gave dislexia sometimes, I read mouth instead of stomach :P

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Why would someone think this was a good idea?

maybe if she stabbed him hard in the neck....yeah...that should work

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anyone else think that maybe OP dumped her in the mall because he knew she wouldn't kill him in public?

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dude she stabbed him with a pen in a public place, imagine the possibilities in a private place with no witnesses

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if i were him... i would do it on the phone!! PHONE BREAKUPS= EASY

lol loved how you pointed out the fail :))) again im this bored >.

24, I didn't realize that you wanted OP dead that badly. But yes I do agree it should have been done in private, but him getting banned from the mall is uncalled for.

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125, at first your comment made you seem at least a little bit sane but once your second paragraph started, I see now that you're as mentally stable as a piece of wood.

Why would yo get banished? She the one went crazy. Oh wait that's she's a female and they do get everything their way.

There was clearly a reason OP did it in public.

Be glad it was a ballpoint pen and not something more lethal!

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yeah, I hear plastic dinner knives are pretty deadly

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She could have pulled a spork...

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Because, even if she was caught doing it, nothing would happen to her. Basically what im trying to say is that if a cop saw, he'd kick the OP out of the mall because of 'Disturbing the Peace.' The cops in this country are extremely sexist towards guys because they assume that women are too weak to attack a man.

for all you bitch ass girls that flip out like ****** from breakups, dont.

So it was a ballpoint pen then? I feel like it's lethal enough. Still did the trick.

I guess it depends how you let her know. Were you direct about it, or gave hints?

Either way, stabbing should never have come into it. OP is probably better off without her!

doesn't matter, break up with her at home, and op would be dead!

I think he knew in somehow that she was gonna go this crazy and wanted it to be in a public place so that he'd have as many witnesses as possible :p

Dumping her seems like the best thing you could've done, judging by the way she reacted.

She sure has a funny way of showing it.

Not stab him with a pen, that's for sure.

he provably did something to deserve it

Maybe, maybe not. Maybe she's just a psycho bitch. I understand why she'd be pissed, getting dumped in the middle of a crowded mall must hurt, but stabbing him with a pen? Totally not needed.

Probably because he caused his girlfriend to go 'ballistic' by breaking up with her.

Are you just retarded? he wasn't arrested. Honestly, she should have been.

I agree with sameroni, if he knew her well enough to be dating her, then he would have known how she may have possibly reacted especially if he chose to do it in a crowded mall etc

Wtf #156, I can honestly say I've never stabbed anyone I love, nor do I have plans to do so. If that's the way you show people that you care for them, I really hope that you don't have anyone to love.

I don't understand how dumping someone at the mall would be your best idea?

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Maybe he was hoping all the witnesses around would keep the psychopath from killing him?

The idea is if you're in a public place she wont want to cause a scene and therefore is less likely to cry or go bat shit crazy at you.

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I'd say he wanted witnesses just in case THIS happened. Looks like a good call to me.

97 doesn't have a pic dumbass... unless that's what you meant.

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That's what I was thinking too... Breaking up with someone over text isn't cool either, just sayin'. It happened to me. And the person that did it to me dated me for over a year... It's one of the most horrible ways to break up with someone. But in this situation with phsyco, I wouldn't blame him if he broke up with her over text, haha.

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Breaking up with a psycho isn't all that hard, all you have to do is fall off the face of the earth.

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You probably said it in a way that embarassed her infront of the crowd or shes just can't over it.

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At least it was in public, if you did it privately they'd probably never find your body.

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only thumbed up cause of ur pic

#50, Only thumbed down because of your comment.

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Good job on dumping that crazy chick

She said it was a wig from Walmart in some other FML so no.

It was probably a good idea because he thought she would have caused a big scene if it was any other place and embarassed herself (which she already did here), and he didn't expect her to go off like a rocket.

Breaking up at the mall is never a good idea. Even if the love's gone and your partner is a total dramaqueen, show a little respect and do it in private. Besides, he embarassed himself by breaking up in a public place, I bet everyone was watching him.

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43 he broke up with her in the mall most likely because she was psychotic and if he did it anywhere else he would have probably been killed

I love your explanation, but I doubt OP's girlfriend would have killed him. For Christ's sake, she poked him with a pen, she didn't even dare to use her bare hands for a good old slap-in-the-face. What would you prefer: being dumped in the mall, where you cannot talk properly and have absolutely no pivacy, or being dumped at home. I know what to choose. I don't think the reaction of the girlfriend was appropriate or mature, but neither was the decision of OP to dump her in a public place. That was actually a very jerkish thing to do.

she didn't poke him she stabbed him. get your facts straight

What's the main difference between poking and stabbing with a monstrueus and very dangerous ballpoint pen?

Stabbing is What Insane People Do. Poking is What Best Friends Do With Bendy Straws ;)

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I bet he also didn't scream OMG BITCH IM LEAVING YOU!!!! so no one would have known had she not /assaulted/ him and started crying and screaming.

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I've had a conversation with a guy that he didn't like in a public place and he still tried shit... if we had been alone he would have raped, killed or put me in a hospital because he was unstable. as it was the cops had to show up and put his bitchass in jail until his mommy or daddy bailed him out.

Given enough force a ballpoint pen can actually do a hell of a lot of damage. They are pointed enough that they can be driven in to the flesh pretty damn deep. That having been said if she had been dumped at home she probably would have had access to things a hell of a lot sharper than a ballpoint pen.

stabing goes in through your ******* skin and hurts like shit poking is what friends do how do you not know the difference's