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  Pleonasm  |  34

I asked him how he felt about the break-up, and he was in pieces over it. He doesn't want to be shelf-ish but he says it's better off just the him and OP; that China girl is no good for him and was the sauce(r) of all his problems.


Mad? No, of course not!

Haven't you heard? Plate throwing is a new way of saying you love someone. Why give a friend a hug when you can throw a plate! Sex? Nah, just get some fine china and have at it!

  LemonandLime  |  13

No, I think she DOES understand metaphors but chose to have revenge that related to his reason of braking up with her. There's nothing about the fml which says she doesn't understand.

  Kristoffer  |  35

And the point is she's psycho for wanting to have revenge AT ALL for him breaking up with her, much less such a revenge that caused significant property damage.

By  SApprentice  |  33

That's not really an appropriate reaction. I'm assuming you didn't really care too much about her, since you broke up with her, so it's all for the best. It's better not to be with someone who turns to violence.