By Anonymous - 29/10/2012 05:46 - United States

Today, I broke up with my girlfriend, saying I had a lot on my plate. She responded by throwing an empty plate at my windshield. FML
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At least it was empty.

Reconsider your word choices when breaking up with future girlfriends lol


At least it was empty.

Probably broken...

Yea, I heard the plate took the split real hard, I think he's cracking up, the poor guy.

I asked him how he felt about the break-up, and he was in pieces over it. He doesn't want to be shelf-ish but he says it's better off just the him and OP; that China girl is no good for him and was the sauce(r) of all his problems.

Hopefully it wasn't china.

Well... At least she was creative about it.

It would've been far funnier if it was a heaping plate of spaghetti though.

And another one to my favorites!

If I was OP, I would have thanked her for taking "psycho" off my plate after what she just did.

Problem solved!!! Your plate is now empty!!! Lol

Seems like she is mad

You don't say?

Was this comment supposed to be a pun?

Mad? No, of course not! Haven't you heard? Plate throwing is a new way of saying you love someone. Why give a friend a hug when you can throw a plate! Sex? Nah, just get some fine china and have at it!

I'm thinking he shouldn't be forking around with a girl like that anyways, and spooning afterwards... out of the question.

Well thank god it wasn't a pie. Politicians in Canada like to throw pie when they get angry at eachother, such a waste of delicious pie :(

No shit Sherlock!

Reconsider your word choices when breaking up with future girlfriends lol

I have a lot on my tissue.... nah, sounds like he just rubbed one out.

It's not me, it's you. :throws female sheep at windshield: Ooh silly homonyms...

Sounds like you made the right choice considering she doesn't understand metaphors.

She also doesn't understand how not to be crazy. Why is everyone saying YDI? FHL because she's crazy and he probably needs a new windshield.

No, I think she DOES understand metaphors but chose to have revenge that related to his reason of braking up with her. There's nothing about the fml which says she doesn't understand.

And the point is she's psycho for wanting to have revenge AT ALL for him breaking up with her, much less such a revenge that caused significant property damage.

And now you have another thing on your plate!

Or another plate on his car...

Actually it looks like doesn't even have a plate anymore. ;)

Isn't that I-R-O-N-I-C? -Bo burhnam

"That was terrible." -gc327072

I'm sure if more people knew the song, it would be more accepted.

Helicopter concurs with license plate.

8/54- I'm a Bo Burnham fan and I still think you're dumb. Maybe try something that wasn't created by someone else next time.

I admit that might have been going too far, but that was still pretty clever on her part!

Were you doing a drive by breakup?

I can only see this as a lucky escape for you - she sounds deranged.

SApprentice 34

That's not really an appropriate reaction. I'm assuming you didn't really care too much about her, since you broke up with her, so it's all for the best. It's better not to be with someone who turns to violence.

Unless she's a really hot nymphomaniac.

Because ya know, obviously healthy relationships are about sex and sex only. That's how it works. /s