By ouch - / Thursday 16 June 2016 10:14 / United States - Livonia
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  GhostFox  |  33

The fact it is so obviously abusive is probably why it isn't being brought up. Seems rather redundant. That said, there could be some social conditioning factors.

  Draugen  |  16

According to society, domestic abuse is acceptable if the abuser is female. Especially if it's against a man - people will try to reason that he "must have done something to deserve it." That's how it's always been and always will be.

  katachristic  |  19

Domestic abuse is abuse of someone who shares your domicile. Assuming they don't live together, it's not domestic abuse. No one said their genders made it okay, just what the correct charges would be.

  GhostFox  |  33

I'm sorry, but men being blamed for "provoking" a women into abusing them isn't any more common than women being blamed for "provoking" a man into abusing them. Almost every abuse victim has to deal with that bullshit at some point, and saying that one gender is the only one that happens to is utter crap and spreading of misinformation.

People always try to displace blame onto the victim- it isn't a gender based phenomenon. Men get told that they can't be an abuse victim because their abuser is a woman; women get told they aren't abuse victims because they 'owe' it to their husbands to obey without hesitation. Stop spreading that shit before you attract flies.

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