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Today, I invited my girlfriend to go eat out, hoping to put her in a really romantic mood. She decided to tell her friend, who then invited herself and another couple along. I ended up being made fifth wheel, and had to sit alone at an adjacent table. FML
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mimiminx 23

Why didn't you tell her you wanted it to be just her? Could have solved a lot of problems.

To me it sounds like your girlfriend is using you! Explain to her how you felt about what happened and see if you can go out again? (if she will apologize!)


To me it sounds like your girlfriend is using you! Explain to her how you felt about what happened and see if you can go out again? (if she will apologize!)

lauren, haven't seen you on in a while, how have you been?

You should have paid the bill for your table and left.

54- It was still jerky of her to just let them sit in the table and leave her boyfriend out of it...

35, I'm pretty good:) I've been so busy lately with some health things and I haven't been on FML in a while! But thanks haha:)

Her fault for letting her come. Bad girlfriend imo.

mimiminx 23

Why didn't you tell her you wanted it to be just her? Could have solved a lot of problems.

He might not have realised she invited everyone until they all got there. What a crap night for you, OP.

That may be the case, but even if it is he could have pulled her to the side and explained he wanted to spend time just with her. At the very least he should have refused to sit by himself. He was just letting her do whatever she wanted with no regard to how he felt.

She doesn't seem to be very mature at all or value her relationship with you much in order to allow you, her boyfriend to sit at a table alone whilst she enjoys the company of her friends. I completely agree with 39 I would have paid the bill for my table and left without her.

courtney680 17

Sounds like you need a new girlfriend..

TeddyB88 4

Since when is taking your girlfriend out for dinner mean that you have to explain that he wants it to be just them? And they say that men are the simple ones. Clearly all on her

teemooegan 9

Well your girlfriend didn't intentionally mean for that to happen, but she still could've incorporated you into the date. After all, this was YOUR dinner date.

Or OP's girlfriend could have perhaps asked first

What do you mean she didn't intend on it? She's ******* sitting at a different table! Wh- ah, shit, you made me spill cereal and milk. *sigh* I'm cleaning up here.

#4, there's really no way that this could be unintentional.. This happened to me once, but I was on the other side of this situation. This girl who had a thing for me that was definitely unrequited kept asking me out and I kept saying no until I just felt awful about it. Later I changed my mind but couldn't get out of it, so I had other people join, it's the same situation. She's just using this poor guy and if he wants to stay with her that's fine, as long as he realizes he's being used...

OP should have just walked out and left them with the check. let's see if that will make them invite more people.

Next time, maybe surprise her, or start by saying something that makes your intentions clearly romantic and private. It may have been a total misunderstanding in her part. But if it happens again, put your foot down.

TwiztedYuri 9

pretty sure the phrase lets go out and eat when said to your partner is already implying that its a date... I do that with my gf all the time and have never had this happen to me... she might be trying to tell OP something... cause she did bring enough to fill the table and have him sit alone... OP should definitely ask his gf if it was an accident or if she's jot interested anymore

5- making your "boyfriend" sit at a table all by himself whilst you sit with your friends is no misunderstanding or accident. As 46 said it clearly means something, wether she is immature or just does not value OP's and her relationship at all to even communicate and let him know others were coming you should not let something like this slide only to wait for next time OP should confront his girlfriend and find out why that happened and put a stop to it.

I totally agree, I think the gf is hinting at something or just just plain rude. Either way you deserve a lot better, you put effort into spending time with her and she used that for her own selfish reasons.

I agree with you guys though there is still the possibility that the girlfriend is just naive. and the friend is messing it up because she doesn't like OP.

Either way, we can all concur that it was douchecuntish behavior on the part of OP's girlfriend. I don't see why *anyone* would interpret "let's go out to eat together" as "I'm gonna bring all of my friends to tag along, and **** OP." There.

I guess you have to be more specific with her when you two go out on another night. Be sure to let her know that you just want it to be you and her.

Man, if I was you, I would have just left. If you're not important enough to her to be acknowledged, you don't need to be there anyway.

leogachi 15

I'm actually surprised that six people posted comments before anyone thought of that.

It doesn't matter whether it was a misunderstanding on her part or not, it was incredibly rude of her to invite people without your consent and to leave you alone like that. I don't think you should dump her (just yet) but you sure have some things to talk about

To be fair, OP's girlfriend simply told her friend about it- that friend just invited herself to the date, along with the other couple. Still, I agree they should talk things over, considering OP's girlfriend barely acknowledged him once her friends showed up.

DarthBangye 15

YDI you should stand up for yourself.

TwiztedYuri 9

cause you know everyone loves a couple arguing and causeing a scene... not everyone likes to call people out infront of their friends and strangers. you sir might want to think about that and suck your "pair" in next time and you might be surprised when your partner doesn't go bat shit crazy cause you made them look bad or stupid infront of a lot of people

You should have just said you just wanted to spend some time with her alone. If she didn't understand she's not much of a girlfriend. Really the fact that you let this all happen proves you're a total pushover so while this is a FYL, to some extent YDI as well.