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By  Tripartita  |  44

Dude, you need—*looks at OP's gender*—chick, you need to set your wife straight (but not too straight) and be the best she-father you can!

And if it's any consolation, people say I'm an example of a concept introduced one page 91 of a calculus textbook. There's just something about my face, but despite my best efforts to look differential, they never say I'm a /good/ example.

By  OhPuhleeze  |  23

Let her hear you talking to the kid: your mother has to be a bad nutcase, look all she could find was a not good example.. Guess I could have done better than her.... Maybe it's not too late..

By  goodread2200  |  10

Maybe you're missing the context of the discussion, hopefully she wasn't bagging you - but - it's not good to get into the habit of dising the other parent in front of children. Kids love their parents no matter how crumby they are and it hurts the kid to have someone else put their parent down.