By HttpsHaileyy - 15/06/2015 20:02 - United States

Today, I insulted my younger sister's hamster. She then smashed me with a stool. FML
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That's not a very polite hamster she's got there

why would you insult a hamster? still not a good reason to hit you though


I thought you said I smashed my sister's hamster for a second...

You're the one who sounds smashed.

I thought the hamster smashed OP with a stool at first

Ava_Darkflame 26

#51 I laughed way more than I should have at that...

why would you insult a hamster? still not a good reason to hit you though

mds9986 24

Hamsters can make a whole room stink no matter how much you clean the cage.

Well, whatever the reason, I only have one piece of advice: never, ever, EVER insult her real kids when or if she ever has any. She will drop a fridge on your head and deep-fry your toenails. You have been warned.

Never insult her real kids unless you've slipped her some stool softener first! <<--FIX'D!

I'm more curious on 'how' she insulted a hamster.

Like my mother always told me, there's never a good excuse to insult a hamster. Wait, maybe I'm mixing this up...

Your sister is nuts to hit you with a stool. However, with that said, you partially deserve it as you obviously only insulted the hamster to bug your sister. My brothers say mean things about my dog just to bug me and it drives me nuts. So although you didn't deserve to be hit with a stool, you do deserve something for bugging your sister in the first place. Obviously she was going to retaliate.

Hamster are fucking annoying :/

Dreamsorrow93 24

What a little rodent!

I bet it was a dwarf hamster, because she told that rat OP to pick on somebody her own size.

That's not a very polite hamster she's got there

That's another way of looking at the story, I like your thoughts

SpartyOnWayne 18

If she reacts that way when you insult her hamster, I wonder what she reacts like when you insult her..

gaydragon 13

why'd you insult a hamster? why not just insult your sister instead

PeaceTea13 17

What did the hamster ever do to you?

you should've smashed her hamster

What the hell is wrong with you? Psycho...

Some one should smash you.......pussy

Don't fuck with her hamster