By traumatised - United Kingdom
Today, my new roommate decided to put his pet hamster in the same cage as my beloved hamster. Apparently he wanted them to make hamster babies. They are both males. His hamster attacked mine and tore it to pieces. I just finished cleaning up the mess. FML
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  JFox  |  8

That's terrible! ;-; I'm so sorry. You shouldn't have had to clean it!! I love my rodents and I just couldn't imagine something like this..

Your roommate has no business owning pets himself, but he definitely owes you a new hamster!

  gigi37  |  0

There is no reason why another animal should be killed for revenge. That is absolutely horrible. I'm all for the OP taking the roommate's hamster and keeping him as his own though.

OP that does suck, your roommate should have asked to a) let them share a cage and b) check to make sure you were okay with hamster babies, since he didn't bother to check what your hamsters' sex was.

  gothicwench  |  0

Wow, people like you should be strung up. Why hurt another animal because of a human mistake? I hope you get stuck up an elephants arse crack and die of suffocation and methane inhalation.

Sorry for your loss OP, it's awful to lose pets so I'm very sorry this happened.

  bdemore  |  3

That happened to my friends hamsters they started with 6 then one decided to eat the others faces now they have 2 left an old one that they never had in the same cage and the cannibal one it creeps me out.