Today, my morning sickness decided to show itself every time I smell coffee. I work at a coffee shop. FML

GothicAngel17 Say more :
Seems like the best solution so far. I think I might actually try that when everything opens again.
By GothicAngel17 / Saturday 7 April 2012 01:52 / Australia
By Anonymous / Friday 6 April 2012 16:58 / United States
By Sadboy - / Friday 6 April 2012 14:24 / United States

Today, the mouse trap I set in my kitchen worked. I caught a snake. FML

rubberduckie94 Say more :
This is actually mine. I can not believe I finally got one published. : ). It's actually the third one we found in the house.
By rubberduckie94 - / Friday 6 April 2012 13:17 / United States
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