By Phil - 21/12/2008 12:14 - France

Today, I'm 65 years old, and I've been given a bottle of wine produced in the year I was born. The wine tastes foul; not a good omen. FML
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I always thought wine aged wonderfully for 5 years or so, then got exponentially worse?


I always thought wine aged wonderfully for 5 years or so, then got exponentially worse?

Nah It does if it's bad wine or it's aged wrong. If it's done right it can be good.

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^Correct, if it were aged properly, a 65 year old wine would be amazing.

Fortunately people mature much better than even the best wine.

I call fake becasue 65 year olds DO NOT go on FML

it's not possible for old people to go on the internet? grow up. my grandpa, the same age, uses facebook and stuff. he uses internet ALL THE TIME. not everyone lives in the past.

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old people talking about the Internet makes me lol.

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My 75 year old grandma uses facebook.

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Haba first thing that popped into my head

Facebook and FML are two different things

after about ten years wine starts turning into vinegar.

I don't believe you are 65. Either you're lying, or your grandchildren (or some teenager) showed you how to use the internet, and typed this in for you. PROVE ME WRONG!!!

Not all 65 year olds are computer illiterate. I know many ppl in their 60's and they are all computer savvy. I even know a few in their late 70's who are.

my father is computer savvy and 65, excuse me. he was probably using a smart phone before u were in jr high. I like to see u code and make ur own programs like my dad.

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agree with #5 nd 9 hehehehehe

um...ur 65 yrs old and u go on this site...sad..saddd...sadddddd...well i guess old ppl's lives can get f*ked too lol

I didn't see an age limit on the Internet? It's for everyone.

At least he can use the spell check feature.

Who let the bratty 10 year old have the computer again?