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Today, I went on a date with a guy for the first time. We went to Starbucks and got coffee. We talked for a while, and we were joking and having a good time. Suddenly, he put his hand on my stomach and said, "Soon, this will be plump with my seed." FML
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Let me tell you the rest of the story: this actually happened a couple months ago, but I just discovered this site. First off, there was NO second date. My God. Right after he said that, I told him I wanted to go home (he had driven, and I didn't have a car or any way to get home). He then asked if I wanted to go to the woods so he could "do things to me." I told him no, going home would be fine. He took me home and I called him and told him I never wanted to see him again. For half an hour, he tried to convince me to see him again, but I eventually just hung up. For a month or so he called me every day but I didn't answer. Finally, I grew tired of this and I answered the phone. I told him he was really scaring me and he needed to stop trying to contact me. He told me, "I was falling in love with you but they all laughed at me!" (Mind you, I do not know who "they" are. Nor do I wish to know). I told him I was very sorry, but he had to stop calling me or I would contact the police. He then said to me, "Where is the darkness??? Why do you paint me as a demon when I just want to show you the light???" I haven't spoken to him since.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Best pickup line ever.


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aggreed lol what a weirdo haha

bwahahahahahaha that is hilarious... although a little disturbing :3

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O god creeper

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u said u guyz were joking. he was just joking gosh this is a stupid FML, learn to take a joke u jackass girl

bet that was the first and last date.

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hey... I said that same thing today... and I went to starbucks today

aayers7 4

that's scary

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WTF, what kind of seed? is it a fruit or a vegetable. Oh I hope it's a pineapple. Best. Fruit. Ever.


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wow he didn't even asked you if you wanted a baby xD.. you go tiger ;D

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LOL at 658

lol! that's funny u should go along with it

pineapple is awsome!!!!! but there both guys, he cant have a seed inside him!!!!

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pineapples make your semen sweeter no joke

doglady 16

I know, ew, skeezy!!

nope its all about those watermelons nd im not black haha

lol WTF 681 the OP is woman

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lol that guy sounds awesome

Hahahaha!!! I can actually imagine this scene!! And it cracks me up every time!!:)


I would have just sat there like O.o then I would say "okay" haha jk but seriously that's a bit wierd

pu13 5

not a very funny or normal joke...

lionkat456 28

IKR! a little spiky for my taste though XD

Your comment made me giggle heheh.

MehNameIsJuan 15

oh god is right

people like this are the scariest

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wtf that is so freaking creepy. Cut off all ties with him IMMEDIATELY.

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I'd so fall for that pick up line ;)

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I agree. creeeeeeeeepy. those of u who would fall for it... u are messed up.

omg creepo!!!!

ummm I don't think he's

in the know that it's just a date....pray to god that he doesn't find ur house and creeps into bed

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Actually it's called humor, you should learn some.

why jump to conclusions so fast! he could have been joking! Maybe his sense of humor is just different from others. I laughed way to hard at that so maybe that's just my opinion but don't freak out over something so small

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Best pickup line ever.

The best pickup line ever is, "Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?"

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Oh my gosh, I have to remember that. I'm gonna say that to everyone in school, including my chemistry and biology teachers, I wonder how they'll react. I'll twitter about it or post it here somewhere. Haha.

That's the funniest thing I've heard all day. :)

This really is the best pickup line in the world. The chloroform one is just more successful.

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what's that supposed to mean??

735, chloroform is a substance that puts you to sleep when breathed. And that is one of the best Family Guy quotes in history! Credit them next time lol.

What episode is it said in and lol! ;D

#585 your comment is my favorite of all time. thank you :p

"Hey, I'm lost, can you tell me the quickest way into your pants?" That's the line I always used :3 (not really)

Hahahahahahaha He's a keeper love.

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that's awesome!

krmc822 6


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Ooooh, creepy. Heheheheeeeee.

hahahaha this cannot be true!

TorturedXeno 27

It's too awesomely hilarious to be true. ... or IS IT? XD

HAHAHAHA. That's almost as good as "If I told you that you have a great body, would you hold it against me?"

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that's a new one.. funnyXD

omgcookeys 15

well they'd have to do that in order for the seed to be planted in her garden. :)

That's from thrillville

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hahahahahahahahahaha ahhhhh that just made my day!! for #4..... ummm.... just think about it for a second....

what did #4 say?