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Not gonna lie, one time as I was walking down the stairs from my dorm, I realized I was missing my keys. I turned around to get them, only to realize my door was locked...and I had no keys.

I follow number 2s advice as well. Never fails. But man, it's a good thing you weren't pulled over!


Why does this have thumbs downs? I think he/she was just saying that if he/she got pulled over he/she would not have their license because most people keep there licenses in there wallets.

So you're an idiot and decided to tell us? This is not a fucking FML. It's an "Oh, shit, I fucked up. Oh well, it's not a big deal."

After 65 years of age... all wines suck. Wines only get better with age if they have tanin, a strong antioxident. As the oxygen slowly diffuses past the cork it destroys the tanin bringing out the flavors underneath. Tanin can hide bad flavors if it's cheap wine, however good wine will peak at some point when it has the most goof flavors, then it will begin it's steady decline into blandness as oxygen destroyes the remaning flavors. Eventualy it will start breaking things down into unsavory t

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