FML - The follow-up

Today, I was forced to listen to a client rant about her lackluster sexual encounters with her husband. I was also given a rather detailed description of his manhood. Apparently, it's small. FML

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Actually, I'm op and I'm a cosmetologist. I do hair. To clear that up :P
By raraisbang / Tuesday 19 June 2012 01:07 / United States - Doyline
By wenchfucker - / Monday 18 June 2012 19:49 / France - ?pinal
FML - The follow-up
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So...A little back story. I went to the doctor to get tests because I often feel faint and dizzy in the mornings and it's quite an inconvenience. Just last week, when I took my cat to the vet, I ended up starting to black out randomly. Pretty embarrassing and obviously super inconvenient, as I had to drive home afterwards and was doubtful about whether or not I was okay enough to drive home. I...
By nerdsgetmehot - / Monday 18 June 2012 16:05 / United States - Oregon City
By Anonymous / Monday 18 June 2012 14:39 / Canada - Markham
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