By Anonymous - 14/10/2011 22:40 - United States

Today, I realized the closest I've ever been to being hit on was with a car in the school parking lot. Even then, the guy claimed he "didn't notice" me. FML
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FMLandurstoo 9

The nice man down the street noticed you.


I "didn't notice" this fml.

Deadzombie 2

You must have....

are you Bella Swan?

enonymous 8

If it makes you feel better OP I noticed you and I will creep on your internets all you want

yamatelle 19

It's ok, OP, at least you will not have to hear all the awful pick up lines people have been coming up with lately. I swear, I'm not even making this up. This guy in my calculus class once said, "If you were cosine squared and I was sine squared, we would make one." I was stuck between a laughing and a "What the fuck?" moment.

So, if he didn't see you, how did he even get close to hitting on you?? Did he hit you with his car? Or was he just practicing his pickup lines out loud??

FMLandurstoo 9

The nice man down the street noticed you.

EvilCupcake8361 9

haha......ur a creeper

42 - thatsthejoke.jpg

AnaBanana1918 7

That's so mean!

At least you ain't fat(:

At least you ain't fat(:

Act like a whore then you will get noticed, it worked for me.

buttercupp2137 0

man, that's just some great advice. smh.

I know, it's a way to get noticed but maybe not the best way (sluts need love to).

buttercupp2137 0

sluts wouldn't need say, "sluts need love too," if they weren't sluts in the first place.

ifailplzinsultme 0

Hey, it still counts!

onorexveritas 23

oh my god I am so sorry- oh its you, never mind. lmfao