By Lilie - 17/12/2008 10:25 - France

Today, my sweetheart came round to drop off some underwear which I'd left at his house. Not all of what he brought was mine. FML
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WOO! Free underwear!!

I bet that was awkward.



fretforyerlatte 0

3 - what daughter? ::lost::

I bet that was awkward.

SavannahLeigh 0

LEAVE HIS ASS you should go buy some boxers and give them to him, say he left them at your house. What a douche.., Not exactly a FYL, at least you know.

It could've been his mom's. Or your sisters. Or even his.

WOO! Free underwear!!

hahahahah that's great!



how is he a douche? for giving back the wrong pairs of underwear? omg how tragic

maybe he went shopping for her? *shurgs*