By Plume - 23/12/2008 07:43 - France

Today, it's my birthday. My ex just sent me a text. I read it, happy he had remembered. He wanted me to know he has a new girlfriend. FML
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tylersign 11

Uh... "he has a new girlfriend" almost tells me OP is a GIRL jackass.


cuterthanuthink 0
Dickman16 0

hahaha he probly did that on purpose. What a genius. lmfaoo

katewasherexx 0

I ******* hate ex boyfriends that are like that. Trust me, I have one.

chris1025 0

omg u are retarted. a guy posted this

hahasooo 2

My ex girlfriend did that so don't just blam guys.

oh dear my ex has a girlfriend and didn't remember my birthday, whatever shall I do!!!!

Stop throwing genders around. People in general do it. Humanity ******* sucks.

it's not like you were still together then told you. still, tough shit, girl :/