Jesus wept

By chicochico - 19/12/2008 16:05 - France

Today, I had sex with a girl who cried out as she came, "Forgive me Lord! Forgive me Lord!" FML
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ionelementz112 0

You should have said, "I forgive you."

Adam_B 0

FML = F*** My Life FML = Forgive Me Lord Coincidence...?


ionelementz112 0

You should have said, "I forgive you."

erick1105692 0


lol nice 1 there

LMAO! yes

mwahaha epic win there

Rawr100 0

Fuck yeah

so incredibly hot

GMS1 7

yes! I thought so too.

I wonder who she was thinking of when she came, you or .....

lmao win#105,that made my day

Ryanjr 2

I know right!


I would have yelled Praise the lord! as i finished haha

that is so awesome lol

It's always easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission...

#7 is right #24 also right and #26 sometimes right stick with it and it will pay off!

Oh gawd, that's horrifying to me. lol! You poor thing.

Yeah that would freak me out

haha at #20 that made me laugh sooo much !!! LOL

hahahahahaha this made my life.

i wish i was you.. the only thing better would be the houdini.